Pet Urine And Odor Treatments For Carpeting And Upholstery

If your pet has had a few accidents on your carpeting let Tru Clean Surface Care professionally treat the problem and remove the offensive smell.

As a leader throughout SW Florida in pet urine treatments, As a nationally certified company, Tru-Clean Surface Care’s services are referred by many veterinarians, interior designers, floor covering specialists, carpet and restoration cleaning companies and pet owners alike.  Our live treatments are safe for pets and infants, are effective and guaranteed.

Owners of even the best-trained pets will occasionally encounter pet urine accidents. Often, urine is not discovered until long after the accident. The types of damage from pet urine can be diverse and are dependent upon the makeup of the urine. Urine content will change over the pet’s life because of the pet’s diet, medications, age, health, sex, and reproductive cycles. Because of these variations, some urine stains may not be removable.

Urine contains salts and bacteria and can affect the dyes used in carpet, and if not treated by a professional you could end up with a permanent stain. Success is dependent upon the content of the urine, the dyes used to create the textile, and the time elapsed after the deposit.

Pet urine left unattended can damage the carpet in several ways. Moisture can weaken the layers of the carpet, allowing separation or delamination of the backing material. Another problem, especially with cats, is the odor. Unless the cat urine can be completely flushed and treated with live enzymes, complete odor removal is unlikely. A number of products are available to combat odor at your local pet store but unfortunately, they tend to temporarily “mask” the odor and not treat or remove it.

Tru Clean Surface Care is recognized by many of our peers as experts in pet stain and odor removal. Our exhaustive pet urine treatment process begins with a thorough inspection of your carpeting or tile with Xenon lighting followed up with the appropriate live enzyme treatments and cleaning. Our commercial-grade enzymes are safe for pets and children and guaranteed to work.

For more information on our pet urine treatment please visit us online at or “call us on the carpet” anytime at 239-541-4888. We offer convenient evening and weekend appointments and all major credit cards are accepted.

Tru Clean Surface Care is proud to support the efforts of the ASPCA and we donate a portion of our profits in the hopes that no animal has to suffer abuse.

Tru Clean Surface Care services the cities of Naples, Cape Coral, Punta Gorda, Fort Myers, Estero, Pine Island, St. James City, Lehigh Acres, North Fort Myers, Punta Gorda, Port Charlotte, Captiva, Sanibel, and Fort Myers Beach FL.