Preparing for Our Visit

Preparing for Our Visit

Carpet Cleaning Fort Myers

How to Prepare

Thank you for trusting us with your cleaning project. Here are some suggestions to prepare you for our arrival that will help both of us:

  • Any small pieces such as statues, children and pet toys, magazine racks, floor plants, etc. which you can remove from the carpet or tile to be cleaned will shorten processing time and return the carpet or tile to normal use sooner.
  • Pre-vacuum you’re carpeting the night before your scheduled carpet cleaning. Pre-vacuuming will help the homeowner discover stains and traffic that may currently be hidden by topsoils and pre-vacuum helps the technician to deliver a “cleaner clean.”
  • Please call attention to any stains or spots which may require special cleaning techniques.
  • For your pet’s peace of mind and that of our technicians, please put them in a safe place where our cleaning won’t disturb them. When cleaning your home we must leave your front door or garage partially opened so that we can run our hoses.
  • China cabinets, sectional sofas, entertainment centers, antiques, large TVs, electronic equipment, computers, pianos, and fragile furniture cannot be moved.

Our carpet cleaning package includes moving most coffee tables, chairs, standard couches, and smaller items that you would like moved. Beds, dressers, desks, and other heavier items may be moved upon request at an additional charge. Please inform us prior to your cleaning if you want such items moved.

Special Instructions

  •  Remove all breakable items from the furniture which will have to be temporarily moved.
  •  Floors may be slippery when wet, especially walking from tile to carpet. Please advise all occupants of this hazard.
  •  Infants that are crawling must remain off the carpet until it is completely dry.
  •  Keep children and pets away from hoses, equipment, cleaning products, and work areas.
  • Please pin up any skirts on beds or upholstered furniture which may be touching the carpet.  And please pin up any full-length draperies so they will be at least 6 inches off the floor.
  •  Special note about pet urine odors:  We do everything possible to reduce or completely eliminate pet odors.  However sometimes due to the severity of the contamination, 100% success may not be attained without replacing the carpet padding and sealing the sub-flooring.

In those instances where a Level 2 or Level 3 pet urine treatment has been performed, it may take up to 7-10 days after treatment for the total elimination of the odor and bacteria.  When treating pet urine that has transformed into bacteria we use a specialized process involving the introduction of live enzymes designed to consume pet urine bacteria residing deep within the carpet and padding.

Most importantly, if there is anything we can do to make this experience a better one for you, please let us know.

Tile Cleaning Cape CoralThank You For Inviting Us Into Your Home

Tru-Clean Surface Care appreciates the opportunity you have provided by inviting us into your home so that we can show you our very best. We take great pride in the quality of our service and will do everything we can to turn you into a “cheerleader” for our company.

If at any time we failed to live up to your highest expectations for quality and service please do not hesitate to call and speak with our owner 24 hours a day – seven days a week.

Tru-Clean Surface Care provides the following services throughout Lee, Collier, and Charlotte County:  Carpet Cleaning, Tile Cleaning, Grout Coloring, Carpet Repairs, Cigarette Odor Control, Pet Urine Treatment, Mattress Cleaning, Oriental and Wool Rug Cleaning, Anti-Allergen Treatment and Water Flood Damage Service.

For a free estimate on carpet cleaning services throughout the Cape Coral, Fort Myers, and Naples area, contact us online or call the number for your county: LEE (239) 541-4888COLLIER (239) 206-1935, or CHARLOTTE (941) 621-2198.