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Grout Color Sealing is a Game Changer!

Grout Color Sealing Cape CoralOur grout coloring sealant process is GUARANTEED for infinity or for as long as you own your home, whichever comes first, No IF’s, AND’s or BUT’s!

Tile is enormously popular because of its beauty, durability, easy maintenance, waterproof characteristics, and value. Keeping in mind that tile is basically artificial rock, no wonder it’s so durable and will last a lifetime with proper maintenance. In many instances when we’re invited into a client’s home to clean their tile, the real problem isn’t dirty tile, it’s dirty grout.

Unsealed grout is very porous and absorbent. Dirty mop water, liquid spills, pet urine, and day-to-day foot traffic contribute to the appearance of your grout. Because contaminants are “absorbed” by grout, homeowners can merely “surface clean” the top of their grout and watch it re-soil a week later. Tile and grout cleaning is best left to a professional who has the equipment, experience, and cleaning solutions to do the job right the first time. Once your tile and grout have been professionally cleaned you should have your grout sealed to stop the absorption and protect it from bacteria growth and staining.

There are basically two types of sealing, clear or color. A clear sealer is used when the grout is in good condition and the homeowner wants to preserve the existing color of the grout lines. The second form of sealant is a color sealant that is used in instances where the grout has been permanently stained or if the customer is looking to permanently change the color of their existing grout. Colored sealants come in a variety of colors and are designed to make your floor look new again.

Grout Coloring Fort MyersYears of staining, using the wrong cleaning products or pet urine can leave your grout looking splotchy and ugly even after it’s cleaned. Once the pigmentation in your grout has been destroyed it can not be cleaned back to its original appearance. By coloring or staining the grout, your grout will look better than it did the day your tile was installed. The results can be dramatic!

Tru-Clean Surface Care is proud to offer clients the very best stains and commercial sealants on the market. Our stains and sealants are designed to deliver years of beauty with relatively low maintenance. We are able to cover up stain-damaged grout by matching the original color of your grout or we can colorize your grout lines to one of over 1000+ colors.

For more information on grout coloring and staining please visit our FAQ link below. We offer free in-home demonstrations and guarantee our products and services in writing.

We purchased an older home in Bonita Springs and the tile and grout was dingy and dark in many places.  Not wanting to go through the expense of ripping out the tile and grout and starting over we contacted several grout coloring and dyeing company’s for their opinion and a quote to restore the grout.

After meeting with three companies we choose Tru-Clean Surface Care based on their Angie’s List ratings and the professionalism they exhibited during our initial meeting.  We have approximately 2800 sq. feet of tile and grout and when they completed the job our flooring looked BRAND NEW.  Boy what a difference!  Our tile is perfectly clean and our grout lines are PERFECT in color and consistency.  We happily recommend the services of Tru-Clean Surface Care!

Aaron D. – Bonita Springs

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. My grout is FILTHY. Can you clean it back to its original color again?

A. Most of the time we are able to restore grout back to its original condition.  However, results depend on how long it’s been dirty, the type of situation, if it has been abused with pet urine or improper cleaning agents when it was last sealed (if ever), and the type of grout. If we are not able to achieve an acceptable clean, then we recommend our grout color sealing service. We offer free in-home estimates and evaluations.

Q. How do I stop my tile and grout from re-soiling so rapidly after a professional cleaning?

A. Once we have completed the cleaning process and with your approval, we will seal the grout with a commercial grade sealant that is absorbed by the grout lines versus riding on the grout as most cheap sealers do. Our penetrating sealer will last between 3-5 years, depending on how well the tiled areas are maintained and the foot traffic experienced. To keep your floors looking great, simply mop on a regular basis with any NEUTRAL tile or floor cleaning solution. Do not use vinegar-based cleaning solutions as the acidity of the vinegar will erode ANY sealant on the market.

Q. My grout has pet urine stains in several areas. Can you remove these stains?

A. Our thoroughly exhaustive pet urine treatment is highly effective in treating deep-set bacteria found in grout as a result of pet and human accidents. With reference to the “stain” left behind, successful removal is dependent upon several factors including:

  • How long the stain has been on the carpeting or grout
  • If an inappropriate spotting solution has been used to try to remove the stain
  • The pH of the urine when deposited
  • If the grout has a sealer protector applied
  • The quality of the carpeting

Based on the above conditions, urine stains may be successfully removed so long as the urine has not “burned” an image into the carpet fibers or grout. Stain removal cannot be guaranteed.

The longer urine is left untreated, the greater the likelihood of permanent damage to the carpeting, grout, or even subflooring.  Depending on the pH level of the urine at the time it’s deposited, it can be highly acidic and damaging to your textile. The sooner you are able to treat the urine deposit, the greater the likelihood spotting can be removed.

In 90% of all cases, we are able to remove urine stains from carpeting, and in those instances where the stain is permanent, and with the homeowner’s approval, we are able to dye the affected area or use a bonded insert (carpet patch) to remove the damaged area and replace with a new piece of carpeting. For stained grout, we offer Grout Color Sealing services.

Q. What’s the difference between tile and grout cleaning and Color Sealing?

A. Tile and grout cleaning is designed to clean your tile and return your grout’s color as close as possible back to its original color. In 95% of all homes and businesses we clean, a thoroughly exhaustive tile and grout cleaning are all that’s needed.

In some circumstances, the existing grout is permanently stained and cannot be cleaned well enough to deliver the “wow factor” a customer is looking for. With permanently stained grout you cannot “clean” the stains away any more than you can “clean” the bleach stains out of your favorite pair of blue jeans.

Grout can also be stained if exposed to continuous sunlight, pet urine, heavy foot traffic, improper cleaning solutions, bleach, and old age just to name a few.

The Grout Color Sealing process will make your grout look better than brand new with no color variations and will dry to a natural and professional finish guaranteed.

Q. How long after the Color Seal process has been applied can we walk on our new floor?

A. The grout is ready for normal traffic in approximately three hours and we can Color Seal 2000 square feet of tile in approximately 7 hours.

Q. How long does Color Seal protection last?

A. If the grout is maintained properly and the floor is professionally cleaned by Tru-Clean Surface Care on an annual basis, our grout coloring is guaranteed to last as long as you live in your home.  To maintain your freshly restored tile and grout, simply mop with the neutral-based cleaning solution provided by Tru-Clean Surface Care (the initial gallon you were supplied will last one year) a couple of times per week.  During your annual cleaning, we will provide the client with another year’s worth of cleaner and touch up any imperfections in the grout at the time of the maintenance cleaning.  The lifetime warranty is void if proper maintenance procedures as outlined herein are not followed.

What You Should Know…

At Tru-Clean Surface Care, we can instruct you on the proper day-to-day care of your tile floors. We offer a free, downloadable Care Guide and can recommend Care Products to help you keep your home or business looking great.

For a free estimate on grout color sealing services throughout the Cape Coral, Fort Myers, and Naples area, contact us online or call the number for your county: LEE (239) 541-4888COLLIER (239) 206-1935, or CHARLOTTE (941) 621-2198