Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

Fabric chair cleaning in Cape Coral Florida

Think about your favorite piece of furniture to relax on after a hard day’s work or play.  It can be a sofa, recliner, or overstuffed chair. Now think about the last time you had your upholstery cleaned.

As one of the leading IICRC certified upholstery cleaning companies in SW Florida, our team of certified technicians has the experience to restore and clean your favorite piece of furniture while extending its life and comfort.

Furniture Cleaning Cape CoralMost people spend a great deal of time relaxing on their favorite chairs and sofas but pay very little attention to cleaning them. Over time, contaminants such as soils, spills, dust mites, and oils from hair and skin build-up can contribute to an unsanitary piece of furniture that contributes to poor air quality in your home.

Our upholstery cleaning experts use only the most effective upholstery cleaning equipment and cleaning solutions manufactured by industry leaders. Our manufacturer-approved cleaning process will leave your upholstery smelling fresh, clean, and allergen-free.

From heavily soiled to light cleaning, our exclusive 12 step cleaning process is designed to restore your furniture as close to its original condition as possible. We can clean all types of upholstery, even the most delicate of fabrics, microfiber, and leather.

Our Thoroughly Exhaustive 12 Step Upholstery Cleaning Process

  1. Pre-inspection – Our technician will examine the upholstery extensively and document all pre-existing conditions. Inspect for damage and possible problems. Look for loose buttons, tears, holes, loose legs, etc.
  2. Area Preparation – We will prepare the area where the upholstery will be cleaned to protect the surrounding area from overspray.
  3. Identify fibers – Tru-Clean Surface Care does not use a “one cleaning solution fits all” answer when cleaning client’s upholstery. Our technician will perform a test on your upholstery to identify the exact fibers and once they are identified, we will proceed with the industry recommended standard for cleaning that particular fabric.
  4. Pre-test – Prior to the actual cleaning process, we will pre-test a small hidden area of your upholstery to make certain that there are no bleeds or browning. The pre-test also allows our technician the opportunity to test the pH of the chemicals and how they interact with your fibers.
  5. Pre-vacuum – We will thoroughly vacuum your furniture to remove all dust and foreign particles before applying cleaning solutions.
  6. Pre-condition – This process involves the application of the cleaning ingredients directly to the upholstery. This process is designed to break up food spills and other protein-based soils.
  7. Pre-groom – The fabric will be gently groomed with a soft-haired brush allowing the preconditioning solutions time to dwell in the fabric to be cleaned.
  8. Soil extraction and rinse – This process involves gentle agitation to remove dislodged particles and to apply a mild “green” cleaning detergent. We clean and then flush all cleaning solutions from the fabric. Our cleaning process leaves no dirt-attracting residues which can prematurely re-soil your upholstery.
  9. Neutralize – The fabric is pH balanced to maintain its soft, fresh feel
  10. Post spot – We will thoroughly examine the fabric for any remaining spots and treat them with the appropriate stain removal solutions
  11. Post groom – The upholstery is then prepared for drying by gently combing the fabric
  12. Post-inspection – Our technician will review the cleaning results with you to ensure we have met or exceeded your highest expectations for quality and service.

And don’t forget, manufacturers enhance the performance of their products with fiber protection treatments that create an invisible shield to discourage soiling and stains. Over time, the demands of everyday life gradually diminish their effectiveness. Restoring that lost protection is easy and affordable and a great way to keep the stain-resistant properties of your upholstery at peak performance.

Tru-Clean Surface Care recommends the industry-leading Scotchgard fabric protector designed to protect your fabrics from everyday spills while extending your furniture’s life and beauty.

My father is elderly and occasionally spills food and drink on our furniture and his poodle has a nasty habit of eating his food on my husband’s favorite recliner.  Several years ago I was speaking with a member of our church about our upholstery issues and she said she uses Tru-Clean Surface Care.

To make a long story short, we’ve used the upholstery and carpet cleaning services of Tru-Clean for three years and we are very, very, very satisfied with their cleaning efforts.  Our upholstery and carpeting are always left clean and smelling fresh and we appreciate they are family owned and local.

Lillian P. – Cape Coral, FL

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How safe is your upholstery cleaning and protection method?

A. We use only the highest quality, safest cleaning solutions on the market. They are allergen-free and safe for pets and small children.

Q. How long will it take my upholstery to dry?

A. Tru-Clean Surface Care uses superior truck-mounted equipment with unrivaled vacuum power to remove most of the moisture used during the cleaning process. Our cleaning process and professional cleaning solutions and equipment allow us to achieve drying times between 1-3 hours, but this depends on the type of material and the level of soiling.

Q. Is there a protectant specifically formulated for upholstery to protect my furnishings from spills and wear?

A. Yes! Because upholstery gets as much wear and tear as carpeting, adding a protectant is a wise investment. Upholstery fabric is very different from carpeting in its materials and construction, so Tru-Clean Surface Care offers a protectant designed specifically for upholstery.

Q. Can you clean auto and marine upholstery?

A. At Tru-Clean Surface Care, we clean a lot of auto and marine upholstery, and in most cases, we can clean yours on-site. Many of the spots and spills we find in auto and marine carpet and upholstery can be completely removed with our cleaning process.

What You Should Know…

At Tru-Clean Surface Care, we can instruct you on the proper day-to-day care of your upholstery. We offer a free, downloadable Care Guide to help you keep your home or business looking great.

For a free estimate on upholstery cleaning services throughout the Cape Coral, Fort Myers, and Naples area, contact us online or call the number for your county: LEE (239) 541-4888COLLIER (239) 206-1935, or CHARLOTTE (941) 621-2198.