Disinfectant and Antimicrobial Protectant

The Problem with Disinfectants

With the recent Coronavirus pandemic raining havoc across the United States, it seems like every janitorial, bug-killing service, home watch businesses, and get rich quick dream chasers are now advertising they are specialists in disinfecting homes and businesses.

They run out and buy a cheap piece of equipment, a gallon of disinfectant, and start advertising they will save the world from viruses.

Many of them are NOT telling the consumer or their clients that the product(s) they are using will “wipe off” a treated surface; the second someone touches it.  How effective is this at offering sustainable protection, especially in a restaurant, doctor’s office, or other place consumers gather if the “disinfecting protection” is wiped away as soon as it is touched?

Since 2007, Tru-Clean Surface Care has been offering consumers and businesses state-of-the-art cleaning and disinfecting solutions.  We have earned an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau and the coveted Angie’s List Super Service Award seven-years-in-a-row.

Tru-Clean Surface Care uses an EPA Registered product that protects surfaces AND textiles with a microbiostatic shield that provides proven sustained antimicrobial protection for up to 3 months.  It does not wipe off!

What this treatment does differently than “wipe-off” or 24-hour protection gimmicks, is that rather than merely sitting on the surface it is applied to, it bonds at a molecular level.  This disinfecting treatment solution continues to work for up to 90 days after applying.

The EPA Registered treatment we apply works by providing an invisible matrix of positively charged ‘sword-shaped’ molecules that durably bonds to treated surfaces (stone, steel, tile, upholstery, wood, laminate, leather, clothing, countertops, etc.). Since bacteria, viruses, fungi, and mold are negatively charged, they are drawn to the treated surface, where they are destroyed.

Our leading-edge technologies perform with a sustainability profile that is the platinum standard in the industry.  Our treatment plan is effective against Staph (MRSA), C Diff, E.Coli, Klebsiella,  Human Coronavirus, Athletes foot, Mold, Salmonella Enterica, and over 70 other strains of bacteria, fungi, and algae.

Our treatment eliminates odors and mold on contact.

And one more thing, our service is affordable!

FACT:  The Indiana Pacers have had ZERO outbreaks of Staph and MRSA since implementing the EPA Registered treatment we use!

Wouldn’t life be better without…
  • Embarrassing odors when guests arrive
  • Wasting money on cleaning products and services that don’t work or work briefly
  • Cleaning with chemicals that are harmful to pets and children
  • Worrying about the health effects of viruses & mold
Places viruses, mold, and bacteria lurk:high touch area on a door handle
  • High touch surfaces
  • Carpets
  • Pet Areas
  • Countertops
  • Upholstery and Leather
  • Tiled Areas
  • Nurseries and Playrooms
  • Waiting Areas
  • Dining Rooms and Bar Areas
  • Automobile and RV Interiors

Now think about a guaranteed service that can eliminate and protect against viruses, mold, and odor in all of those places for up to 90 days at a time. Sound good?

FACT:  Walt Disney Company, MGM Grand, National Institute of Health, Aria Resort & Casino, St. Vincent Seton Specialty Hospital, and the LA Metro Transit system, just to name a few, rely on the disinfecting properties of the EPA registered agent we apply.  Why?  Because it works and doesn’t wipe off. 

Safe. Powerful. Long-lasting, Family & Pet Friendly. 

Tru-Clean Surface Care provides carpet, tile, stone, upholstery cleaning, and disinfecting services your family and business can rely on.  The disruptive antimicrobial technology we use is EPA Registered that is trusted by hospitals, government agencies, universities, and elite sports teams nationwide.

For more information about our disinfecting services and a FREE quote, give us a call anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are your antimicrobial products EPA registered and why is this important?

A: Any product claiming to eliminate or prevent fungi, mold, virus, or bacteria requires registration with the EPA. Registration is issued and managed by the EPA, after review of efficacy data.  Our products are EPA registered.

Q: How soon can I re-enter my home or business after treatment?

A: For maximum efficacy, it is recommended that you allow the treatment to dry for half an hour after a spray. An average application takes an hour, so we suggest a total of 1.5 hours while the product is sprayed and drying.

Q: How often should my home or business be retreated?

A: It is recommended that your home or business be re-treated quarterly (every 90 days) for maximum efficacy. If a surface is treated that remains undisturbed, such as in an attic, between sheetrock, etc., these surfaces remain protected indefinitely.

Q: What kinds of surfaces can you treat?

A: We can treat any surface, hard or soft, indoor or outdoor. We can also treat fabrics and carpets and cause no harm to them.  We can also treat musty closets, automobile interiors, crawl spaces, attics, ductwork, and even your laundry machine.

Q: Is your treatment safe for pets and small children?

A: Yes. Everyone, even children and pets, can safely enter a space after treatment.

Q: How can your service help my business?

A: In addition to the antimicrobial benefits as outlined above, bad smells drive customers away. Whether you’re a realtor, physicians office, or restaurant owner, mold, mildew and offensive odors have no place in your business.  The EPA registered agent we apply is guaranteed to eliminate odors.

Fun Fact #1:  Did you know that ship hulls treated with the EPA registered agent we apply will not grow barnacles?

Fun Fact #2:  The EPA registered product we apply was used in 400+ homes that were flooded with ocean and sewage water after Hurricane Katrina (August 2005).  To date, these homes remain 100% mold-free!

Fun Fact #3:  The L.A. Metropolitan Transportation system tried everything to get rid of urine smells throughout the system with no success.  After taking a chance with the EPA registered agent we apply, within minutes of the application, the odor vanished entirely!