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Unsurpassed Oriental and Wool Rug Cleaning

Oriental Rug Cleaning Cape Coral

Tru-Clean Surface Care provides Oriental, wool, and silk area rug cleaning services through our sister company, Oriental Rug Salon. Our rug cleaning services are performed by hand and we do not use automated batch washing machines for the care of clients’ cherished area rugs.

Oriental Rug Salon is a full-service Oriental, Persian, Turkish and Chinese area rug cleaning, restoration, and repair company serving all of Lee, Collier, and Charlotte County. We are the “cleaner of choice” to many area interior designers, rug collectors, Oriental rug shops, and restoration companies who refer our services exclusively to their clients and friends.

Handwashing versus automated machinery

Oriental and Wool Rug Cleaning Fort Myers

A woman in Turkey hand weaves an Oriental rug.

Do not be misled by claims of “hand cleaning” made by some Oriental and area rug cleaners and dealers. In many cases, what they actually use are rotary scrubbing machines, which can be far too aggressive and injure some rugs.

From the beginning, our family has “hand washed” rugs from start to finish utilizing industry-approved – “old world rug washing techniques.” In every instance, we use gentle sponges and brushes specifically designed for Oriental rugs to safely deliver the agitation required to produce outstanding results.

We hand wash both sides of your area rug and our full submersion wash guarantees that every precious weft and warp are squeaky clean.

Many “carpet cleaners” do not have specialized dusting machines, submersion pits, or the knowledge and experience necessary to care for your valuable area rugs. These cleaners are “out of their league” when it comes to caring for Oriental, Persian, Turkish, Chinese, and other wool and silk area rugs. There are plenty of documented cases where inexperienced carpet cleaners and automated rug washing plants have ruined expensive rugs because they simply didn’t know what they were doing.

NEVER allow inexperienced carpet cleaning technicians or kids-on-commission the opportunity to damage your favorite Oriental rug.

Our Oriental and Wool Rug Cleaning Process

Oriental Rug Salon uses very specific cleaning solutions based on the type of rug we are cleaning. Our solutions are approved by The New Zealand Wool Institute and The Carpet & Rug Institute, and are allergen-free and environmentally friendly.

Step by Step

  1. Pre-Inspection – Our Oriental rug specialist will inspect your area rug under Xenon lighting to identify potential pet urine issues, bacteria, mold, moth, and other damage and document accordingly.
  2. Dry Soil Removal– Both sides of the area rug are dusted and vacuumed using a combination of compressed air and the industry-leading Rug Badger rug dusting system.
  3. Pre-Spotting and Fringe Preparation – Any spots, stains, or pet urine issues are pre-treated at this stage, and area rug fringe is hand treated and cleaned.
  4. Specialty Bath – Over 95% of area rugs trusted to us for cleaning are fully submerged in a specialized bath using cold water and the appropriate cleaning solutions.  Both sides of the area rug are gently washed and massaged with a soft sponge by a certified technician.
  5. Soil is effectively removed during this process without the use of automated paddles or other mechanical forces that could damage rug fibers. Our rug washing solutions not only provide a thorough cleaning, but they ensure that cross-contamination, and dye transfer is impossible during the washing procedure.
  6. pH Condition Rinse – When the area rug is deemed clean, we drain the bath and introduce a pH-conditioned rinse and conditioner.  Both sides of the area rug are then massaged again to allow the conditioning rinse an opportunity to eliminate any remaining residues and soften the fibers of the rug.
  7. The rinse bath is drained, and the rug is rinsed a second time with a pH-conditioned rinse until squeaky clean.
  8. Second Inspection –Upon the completion of the cleaning and conditioning stages, the area rug is inspected by our rug master to ensure the level of cleaning meets our highest expectations.
  9. Drying Stage – The area rug is dried in a controlled setting.
  10. Grooming & Allergen Free Finishing Agent – Once the area rug has been dried, the nap is set, and a light, allergen-free finishing agent is applied.
  11. Final Inspection – Prior to wrapping for delivery, the area rug is final inspected and upon approval of the rug master, the client is contacted, and arrangements are made for delivery.

Automated Processes Are Best Left To Car Washes – Not Cherished Area Rugs

Unlike mechanical area rug facilities where no experience is necessary to load clients’ rugs in a large hopper with other rugs and press “start,” our cleanings are performed one at a time with experience, and love for the craft. Oriental Rug Salon’s hands-on approach allows us to intervene in the process at any given time to attend to a specific need and manicuring of an area rug.

Your Oriental rugs are cleaned at our facility, by members of our family. We never use contractors, and we never take shortcuts.

Oriental, Persian, Turkish, and Chinese area rugs are designed to last for many generations and are designed to be passed down from generation to generation. Please don’t trust your beautiful wool or silk area rug to just anyone.

For more information about our rug cleaning services please visit our specialized rug cleaning plant at www.OrientalRugSalon.com

Wool Rug Cleaning Naples

“My husband and I collect Oriental and wool area rugs from all over the world during our travels and would not trust anyone other than Tru-Clean Surface Care to clean them.

What impresses us about Tru-Clean Surface Care is their love of Oriental and wool rugs and the care they’ve always taken when cleaning our collection.  We appreciate their hand-wash tradition and our rugs are always returned fresh and clean.”

David B. Naples FL


What You Should Know…

At Tru-Clean Surface Care, we can instruct you on the proper day-to-day care of your rugs. We offer a free, downloadable Care Guide to help you keep your home or business looking great.

Please be sure to visit our sister company, Oriental Rug Salon’s video library for videos on how to care for your wool or silk area rug.


For a free estimate on Oriental rug and wool rug cleaning services throughout the Cape Coral, Fort Myers, and Naples area, contact us online or call the number for your county: LEE (239) 541-4888COLLIER (239) 206-1935, or CHARLOTTE (941) 621-2198.