Why Spots On Your Carpeting Keep Coming Back

Carpet Stains…  They’re Baaack!

Naturally, you expect your carpets to look better after cleaning than before. So it may come as a surprise when some of the spots return.

There are two reasons this can happen: “re-soiling” from residue and “soil wicking.”

Reason 1:  Re-soiling

Re-soiling is caused by a sticky residue that has been left behind. The residue may be from the spot itself (sugar, dye or pet urine), the cleaning agent the homeowner used to try to remove the stain prior to professional cleaning, or both.

Some common residue causes are over-the-counter carpet cleaners purchased at the grocery store. Avoid using these cleaners altogether. If you must use one, or you have used dishwashing detergent, use as little as possible and rinse, rinse, rinse with water thoroughly.

Other residue causes would be oily spots. Duct tape residue, body oils, lotions, etc. If all the oily residue is not removed, it will attract soil as the carpet is walked on. Even quality professional cleaning may not remove all oily residue the first time, especially if it has sunk to the backing or padding of the carpet.

Reason 2: Wicking

Many times, the face yarns of carpeting will show spots, and they easily disappear with a professional carpet cleaning only to “return” within a couple of days.  This condition is called “wicking.”

Wicking is common with pet urine, beverages, and anything that is spilled in “volume.” With a large spill, the material penetrates the carpeting and dries in the backing and the cushion (pad). When the spot is cleaned, only the material in the “pile” of the carpet is removed, however, deep set residual spillage in the backing and padding of the carpeting remain.

As your carpet is professionally cleaned, moisture and steam is introduced into the face fibers of the carpet. As carpeting dries, the material that makes up the backing of the carpet and carpet padding releases spillage it has been holding on to and allows this dried material to liquefy and “wick” back into the face pile as the carpeting dries.  When the carpet is cleaned, it looks good, when it dries the spots and traffic areas come back.

A professional carpet cleaner can clean the “face” of carpeting however deep-set spillage can be out of reach and will require a special service referred to as water clawing.

In instances where a water claw is required, the affected area will be flooded with a cleaning/degreasing agent and allowed to penetrate the carpet backing and padding.  After sufficient dwell time, the technician will use a special device referred to as a “water claw.”  This devise, coupled with a powerful truck mount, will evacuate the carpeting and padding of any foreign spills thereby preventing further wicking.

An unwelcome surprise

As carpet cleaning professionals, we can’t guarantee that re-soiling and soil-wicking will never happen. But if your spots do return, please call us. Our goal is to make certain clients are happy with our service and if a spot returns, so will we.

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