Stains On Your Granite Countertops or Natural Stone Surfaces?

Will Oil and Drink Spills Ruin My Natural Stone Surfaces?

Did you know that granite, marble, and other types of natural stone tiles are vulnerable to oil and wax because of their porosity?

Yes, stone is porous. You can see this when it rains, and see the surface of raw rock darken, and then remain dark even after the rain has stopped, while the surface is largely dry.

Water is generally not a problem as it will dry over time, but introduce wax, grease, or oil, certain drinks, and juices, and things change. In this case, we get the same darkening effect we see with water, but these items don’t evaporate as easily and therefore tend to linger. What makes it even worse, is that oil and grease are surface-active, meaning they want to spread out across a surface. So, as you wipe the surface down, the material in your surfaces pores begins to re-spread across that now clean surface as if it has a life of its own.  Very frustrating.

As a general rule of thumb, you should keep oil and wax away from your natural stone. This isn’t always possible, in areas like kitchens, bathrooms, and other living spaces in particular where we may be preparing foods, cooking, moisturizing, or simply skin transfer.

Protect Your Stone Surfaces With A Quality Sealer

Keeping your surfaces sealed is the best way to keep worries of oil spills at bay. When granite, marble, travertine, or tiles are sealed, oils and greases remain on the surface where they can be wiped away. A good sealer doesn’t allow liquids or other substances to penetrate the stone, buying you time to clean-up without creating a disaster.

Did You Know Most Granite Countertops Are NOT Sealed By The Contractor?

Frequently we’re contacted by homeowners who have granite countertops or natural stone floors asking if we can remove staining due to spills that have penetrated the natural stone surface.  While the answer is yes in most cases, the stain would never have occurred had the stone been sealed.

In over 90% of all new home installations throughout SW Florida, the contractor will not go through the additional expense to seal a homebuyer’s countertops or flooring after installation.  The reason – it saves the contractor money!

Most homeowners assume their countertops and natural stone floors are sealed because they are “shiny” and brand new.  These surfaces, in most cases, are not sealed because after all, the contractor doesn’t have to live there so why go through the expense?

Natural stone surfaces are susceptible to staining and damage without proper maintenance and sealing.

Our team of experienced stone care experts at Tru-Clean Surface Care can take care of your floors, enhancing and protecting their beauty for years to come. We can also polish, clean, and hone natural stone surfaces such as travertine, marble, limestone, and granite as well as ceramic, porcelain tile and terrazzo.

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