Rental Carpet Cleaning Machines – Don’t Waste Your Money

Everyday wear and tear of microscopic dirt and sand pieces will ultimately be the undoing of even the most cared for carpets or rugs. For homeowners with expensive Oriental, wool or silk area rugs, a professional carpet cleaning company with an in-house rug cleaning plant is your best option.  For wall-to-wall carpeting, a thoroughly exhaustive carpet cleaning by Tru Clean on an annual basis is your best defense for extending the life and beauty of your carpeting.

In this article, we will list three things that are, simply put, the absolute worst for your carpeting and give some practical tips at how to protect against them.

1) Pets Are the Worst

If you aren’t a pet lover, you are probably nodding your head right and thinking, “Yup.”

For the rest of us, it is a reality that must be addressed. How many times have you walked into a home and found the carpets pet urine stained or a smell that reeks of pet urine? Pets do a lot of damage to your carpets and rugs, and there is very little that can be done to stop this. The facts are, to most of us, pets are a member of our family and while most pets eventually become housebroken, even the best pet can have an accident.

2) Kids Aren’t Much Better

On occasion, depending on the pets and the kids, having kids might be worse for your carpet than pets ever are.  To extend the life of your carpeting a homeowner can purchase cheap area rugs to protect their carpeting in high traffic and play areas during the earlier years of parenthood. Combining this with regular cleanings by Tru Clean you can extend the life of your carpeting, improve indoor air quality and cut down on allergens that can affect your family’s health.

3) Do-It-Yourself Steam Cleaning

Don’t worry, we aren’t here to tell you about the horrors of self-cleaning your own home. Many carpet cleaning “deals” you find on Craigslist and in the coupon books don’t do anything more than you can do yourself. There are a few glaring exceptions to this idea, however, and professional steam cleaning is undoubtedly one of them.

Rental carpet cleaning units that can be picked up from your local Walmart or Publix are nothing more than “spit and suck units.”

While their marketing would have one believe these cheap units are just as good as a truck-mounted professional system, these portable units do nothing more than apply warm tap water to your carpeting with an over-the counter cleaner and then sucking it back up. The dumping of warm water-water part is easy; anyone can do it. Sucking it back up is the hard part, and no home cleaning item picked up at the local supermarket is going to accomplish this. The water will stay in your carpet along with the cleaning solution residue and more importantly, in the pad, and you will have just created a nesting ground for mold and mildew before you can say, “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.”

If you are in the market for steam cleaning, hire a professional carpet cleaning company to clean your carpets the right way.  After you rent one of those worthless carpet cleaning machines, purchase the ineffective cleaning solutions and spotters and invest the time and labor into doing it yourself, you may the actual costs are equivalent to a professional carpet cleaning.

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