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Pet Stains, Odor and Urine Treatment…

One of the biggest issues people have when it comes to carpet cleaning is pet stain & odor removal.

Today, there are many urine products on the market that claim to help with the removal of pet urine, but do they actually work? And how effective are they?

Pet urine is composed of bacteria, nitrogen, ammonia, hormones, and uric acid. As the urine starts to break down, the ammonia concentration increases, and the uric acid will create that lingering awful, nasty odor, even after you’ve cleaned it up. As time goes on, the uric acid salts cause crystals to form and they begin to off-gas.

Store purchased pet urine treatments are detergents that claim to help disintegrate and aid in the removal process of dog and cat urine deposits from carpeting. Basically they “mask” the ammonia component in pet urine.

Overall, you would expect store purchased pet urine treatments to be successful, but that is hardly the case. There are many different variables that dictate whether or not these products are marginally effective.

What Determines The Effectiveness of Urine Stain Removers?

It depends upon the severity of the pet odor problem. How long did the urine sit? Were any other stain removers used? How much pet urine is in the carpet? Is the pet on any medications that could cause shifts in the pH of their urine?

The only industry proven remedy to combat urine staining and odor causing off-gassing is high concentrations of enzymes. Professional grade enzymes are designed to digest the bacteria and urine salts left behind as a result of pet accidents.

Our experience shows that store purchased stain and odor removers are no match for commercial grade enzymes. Just because an “off-the-shelf” pet stain remover purports to contain “enzymes,” we find them ineffective and weak.

Unlike store purchased pet urine concoctions, Tru-Clean uses commercial grade enzymes along with a multi-step approach to effectively eliminate pet urine bacteria and the associated off-gassing.

Our pet urine treatment begins with an examination of the carpeting using Xenon lighting. Xenon will cause bacteria and pet urine salts to fluoresce thereby allowing the technician to effectively apply cleaners and enzymes directly to the problem area(s). The enzymes are allowed sufficient time to dwell and then extracted using a specialized tool designed to evacuate the padding and carpeting of bacteria. The final process involves a thoroughly exhaustive carpet cleaning, final inspection and deodorizer.

Tru-Clean is a Certified Partner with the prestigious Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) and the international Carpet & Rug Institute (CRI). In addition we are A+ rated with the Better Business Bureau and Angie’s List.  We are specialists in the treatment of pet urine stains on carpeting, Oriental area rugs, wool area rugs, silk area rugs, upholstery and mattresses.

If you’re pet has had one too many “oops” on your carpeting give Tru-Clean a call today.

For more information about our thoroughly exhaustive pet urine treatment process please visit us online at or call us any time at 239-541-4888.


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