Pet Urine And Odor In Your Carpets?

Above is a picture of pet urine discovered by using specialized Xenon lighting in customers’ home.

Recently we were invited to a new customer’s home to clean their carpets and the first thing they told us was their pets NEVER had accidents on their carpeting.  As part of our pre-inspection process, we inspected their carpeting with Xenon lighting and the client was horrified at our technician’s discovery.

Apparently, when “mommies” back is turned, Lilly helps herself to her favorite spot in the home to relieve herself, over and over again.  The urine deposits above contain bacteria and that’s what you see glowing in the above picture.

Pet urine, left untreated, will turn to bacteria and affect indoor air quality.  As urine deposits turn to bacteria they will continue to grow and off-gas thereby producing allergens that can lead to watery eyes, lung conditions and other allergic reactions.  Pet urine acids will also destroy carpeting by making it brittle, the underlying padding and subflooring.

Tru-Clean Surface Care is proud of the many referrals we receive from our local Veterinarians regarding their customer’s needs for pet urine and odor treatment.  We are experts in pet urine and odor contamination and our technicians are certified by the world’s most respected certification body for textile professionals.

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