Pet and Cigarette Odor In A Home Are A Potential Turn-Off To Buyers and Renters

Pet Urine In Carpeting Viewed Under Xenon Lighting

Homebuyers and renters don’t want houses that stink.  It’s just that simple!

Sellers and landlords must identify and remediate odors that make prospective purchasers or tenants hold their noses and run for the exits.

If you’re selling or renting, your house has to look a little better, smell a little better and be priced a little better than the other houses the buyer or tenant will look at that same day.

There is no odor meter, people get used to the odor of their house and may not notice that something is not pleasant, especially smokers and pet owners.

Outside sniffers

The best way to find out whether a house smells OK is to ask someone who doesn’t live there to come inside and give an opinion.

The obvious “someone” would be the real estate broker hired to sell the home or the manager of the property management company who will lease the premises.  Listen to what these professionals have to say.

Pet odors

The two most common sources of difficult and offensive odors are pets and cigarettes; neither of which is easy to remediate without the help of a professional.

The point might seem obvious, but the first line of defense in any smelly situation is to remove the source of the problem, even if that means a beloved pet must board elsewhere for a while.

Cat urine, among the worst of the bad odors, can seep into carpet fibers, carpet padding, concrete and wood floors, upholstery fabrics, sheetrock and furniture cushions and pillows.

In extreme instances you have to remove the carpet, remove the pad and seal the floor, and then replace the carpet and the pad.  You may also need to have a professional treat the home with Ozone in an effort to eliminate the “off-gassing” effects of urine, tobacco and other stale odors.

No smoking

Cigarette smoke can cling to furnishings, drapes and other window coverings and work its way inside walls. Some topically applied solutions can help to reduce the stench, but an ozone generator, hydroxyl generator or air scrubber would be more effective. These approaches are very effective in absorbing odors, though there is no guarantee that an odor can be eliminated completely without a total restoration of the home.

One more tip: If someone suffers a long illness, dies in a home or if there is a lingering “stale” odor, a good airing coupled with a simple ozone or thermo-fog treatment may be adequate to remove any odors.

Many of our clients are realtors and the one thing they all agree with is if the home stinks it doesn’t matter how much “curb appeal” it has – it’s not going to sell or rent.

Tru Clean is a family owned company and is proud to be the “cleaner of choice” to many of our areas leading realtors, interior designers and contractors as well as a trusted partner with The Carpet & Rug Institute (CRI).

It’s also comforting to know that our company is an A+ rated firm with the Better Business Bureau and Angie’s List and a Certified Firm with the prestigious Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC).

Tru Clean offers of host of solutions designed to remove pet urine, cigarette and other stale odors from your home.  From ozone treatments, to thermo fogging and live enzyme applications, we’re sure to have the right solution to fit your particular need.

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