Oriental Rug Cleaning – Why You’re Rugs May Be Faded

While your biggest concern when maintaining your Oriental wool or silk area rug may be avoiding stains brought on by food, drinks, or other common sources, you should also be aware that your carpet is equally susceptible to damage caused by fading. As fading is typically irreversible, it’s important that you take several measures to prevent your rug from falling victim to this unfortunate process. Here is a guide to understanding why your Oriental rugs may become faded:

Exposure to Sunlight

One of the most common sources of fading for an Oriental rug is excess sunlight. Sunlight exposure usually occurs when a rug is placed too close to a window or a door that has not been properly treated with blinds or curtains. Fortunately, this problem can be avoided by simply installing heavy window treatments. If your Oriental rug has already incurred some bleaching from the sun, then inquire about color restoration treatments with Tru Clean .

Improper Cleaning Techniques

Another reason why Oriental rugs become faded is that they are frequently cleaned using the wrong type of products. Treating a stain at home with abrasive chemicals can discolor the wool and even destroy its overall integrity. That’s why it’s crucial that you invest in professional Persian rug cleaning services instead of treating the task as a DIY project.

You should also NEVER allow a carpet cleaning company to clean your Oriental or wool area rug in your home.  Oriental rugs need specialized attention in a controlled environment at the hands of experienced professionals to deliver the best results possible.  Over the years we’ve witnessed dozens of ruined rugs because a homeowner trusted their quality Oriental rug to an inexperienced cleaning company.

Poorly Placed Furniture

How furniture is placed upon your Oriental rug can also have a big impact on whether or not it becomes discolored. The placement of furniture creates a pathway for you and your family to follow when walking in and out of a room. As foot traffic wears down the exposed areas of the rug, it can cause them to become faded and appear much different in color than the areas covered by furniture.

If your carpets are in need of cleaning or repair, then be sure to contact Tru Clean. Using our unique 7-step cleaning process, we can ensure that every trace of dirt and debris is removed from the rug to leave behind a pristine product.

Tru Clean is a family owned environmentally responsible Oriental rug cleaning company serving all of Lee, Collier and Charlotte County.  We are an “A rated company with Angie’s List and our Oriental rug technicians are certified by the world’s most respected certification body for textile professionals.

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