Hurricane Ian Update

Due to Hurricane Ian we are operating on limited capabilities and are doing our very best to meet the needs of our clients.

As SW Floridians having never experienced a hurricane quite like this one, we know that the path to recovery will be challenging, and we’re doing everything possible to return to full operations as soon as possible.

Even though our capabilities are currently limited due to limited availability of fuel for our trucks, spotty cell service, and electricity to run our rug cleaning operations, we are providing needed services as capabilities allow.

If you are trying to reach us and can not make a connection, you can leave a voice mail message that is forwarded to our staff and we will return the call within the hour. We can be reached at 239-424-8171 or 239-541-4888.

As devastating as Hurricane Ian was, our community is strong and will persevere. The road ahead will not be easy but together, the SWFL community will get through this.

Some of us experienced minor damage to our property while others lost it all. We’re keeping everyone in our thoughts and Tru-Clean Surface Care as well as our sister company will be here for you.