How To Remove Gravy From Carpeting In SW Florida

Gravy is a beautiful thing slathered all over turkey breast but not so beautiful on your freshly cleaned carpets.

With quick action and a little patience you can prevent gravy from permanently staining your carpeting and here’s a home remedy you can use.

Use a spatula or plastic spoon, and scoop up as much of the gravy that you can that is on the top of the carpeting. Scrape out as much of the gravy without making the stain larger. You can use a wet-dry vac to pull up the gravy if you have a very large spill of liquid.

Use rubbing alcohol to dampen a cloth, dabbing at the stain until you are able to bring up most or all of the stain (NEVER RUB). When no more coloring is showing on your cloth from your efforts of dabbing you can move onto the next step. Never pour the rubbing alcohol directly on the carpet as it can destroy your padding and backing, just use a dabbing motion with your cloth.

To remove additional stains in your carpet, you can use a mixture of two cups of water and two tablespoons of dish liquid or you can add half a cup of vinegar. Either method will bring up more of your stain as you spritz it on the carpet and dab it up with a clean cloth. When you have removed all of the stains or are not getting any more color on your cloth you can move to the next step.

Rinse your carpet stain with water or room temperature club soda and dry cloth. Spray and dab so that you are bringing up any excess moisture and detergent in the carpeting.

Allow your carpet to dry for about an hour to see if all of the stains have been lifted.

To remove additional gravy stains in your carpet, use a spray mixture of one cup of water and a half-cup of peroxide. Spray this on the area and blot up, repeating two or three times. Then spray the area with the mixture and leave it to sit for about an hour. Vacuum the area and if the stain still persists contact Tru-Clean Surface Care for professional removal.

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