How To Prevent Traffic Lanes In Your Carpeting
Carpet sanding and traffic lanes are a direct result of foot traffic occurring in the same place over and over again.  The bottom of our shoes or feet attracts sand, oils, soils, etc. and these abrasives act like sandpaper as we walk across our carpets.  Over time, the surface of the carpet is “sanded” and becomes permanently damaged.  If soil is left in the carpet for a long time it can actually chemically bond and become part of the fiber. 
To explain sanding, a good example of this is your white, everyday socks. Overtime your socks become gray from soil and appear dirty after washing them even though they are clean and no soil is present. Sometimes bleaching them will brighten the discoloration but does nothing to the damage already caused to the fibers. With enough time the soil actually stains the socks creating the gray appearance.
The same is true for carpet. If soil is allowed enough time on the carpet it will stain the fibers and cause permanent damage. In most cases, steam cleaning with special cleaning techniques and emulsifiers can remove most of the discoloration but the damage to the carpet fibers is permanent.  After a professional cleaning, the carpet in the traffic areas will appear soiled when in fact they are clean. This is often due to the combination of factors such as scratches, distortions, and soil that has chemically bonded with the fibers and has stained them.
Regular professional steam cleaning as recommended by major carpet manufacturers would have prevented this damage. ALL MAJOR CARPET MILLS recommend steam cleaning basis (aka hot water extraction, steam extraction) on a regular basis every 12-18 months or else you may very well void your warranty.
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