How to Get the Most Mileage Out of Carpet

How to Get the Most Mileage Out of Carpet

If your carpet has spots, pet odors, and traffic patterns, you may be wondering whether it should be replaced or if it just needs some TLC. If you are an eco-conscious consumer, you may be looking for a way to reuse or recycle your carpet. This article provides details on how to get the most life out of your carpet and what to do with used carpet.

Thinking of replacing your carpet?

With professional attention, the appearance and smell of carpet can be dramatically improved. If you are thinking of replacing your carpet, it may have years of life left. Before you make a costly decision, consult with a reputable expert. Professional carpet cleaners build their business around trust, and a trustworthy company won’t be afraid to let you know when the time is right to replace your carpet.

How to avoid prematurely recycling your carpet

Properly maintained carpet can last many years. The trick to cleaning carpet is to vacuum often, giving extra attention to well-trafficked areas, and to immediately clean spots or spills. When cleaning a fresh spill, be sure to blot with an absorbent material, and do not smear or rub the spill around. Most spots can be removed if you act fast. Otherwise, spots will turn into stains that may require professional solutions and specialized equipment to remove. Proper care and regularly scheduled professional cleanings will increase the likelihood of your carpet lasting its full life expectancy. For more tips and care information, download our free Carpet and Interior Textiles Care Guide.

Sometimes redecorating may require a change in flooring. The problem is that people often throw out perfectly good carpet during the remodel. If you’re looking to get rid of your carpet and you’ve kept it well maintained, there’s no need to throw it out just yet. Instead, sell or donate your carpet so that someone else can enjoy years of use. Use one of the many easy resources at your fingertips, such as Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, or Freecycle.

Why recycle?

Suppose you’ve had your carpet for years and you’ve kept up all of the proper cleaning and maintenance. Eventually, even the most pristine care won’t be able to preserve the quality of a carpet if its life expectancy has been reached. When this happens, there are many good reasons and resources for recycling your carpet. Carpet makes up almost half of the total U.S. flooring market, and recycling efforts on the part of interest groups have served to divert more than 6 billion pounds of post-consumer carpet from landfills. This carpet provides raw material for products that would otherwise drain natural resources and helps reduce the need for chemical preservatives. Your carpet can be used to create composite lumber, tile backer board, roof shingles, and more.


If you feel that recycling carpet is something you can do then do it! It’s up to all of us to reduce our waste so that our future can be sustainable. Check out this interactive map of U.S. Carpet Reclamation operations. If none are near you, then try contacting your carpet dealer or mill operator for suggestions. Certain recycling centers do accept carpet, so contact your local solid waste provider for more information. And of course, don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to schedule a consultation or if you have any questions. We’re here to help you get the most out of your carpet.

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