Leather Furniture Cleaning Cape Coral - Fort Myers - Naples

Leather furniture is beautiful and can last many decades with proper maintenance.

Some people who purchase leather furniture become disillusioned by the performance of their textile by the time it’s only a few years old due to improper maintenance.  Leather requires care to remain supple and beautiful.

What types of leather hold up better? The three types of leather are ANILINE, NUBUCK, and PROTECTED. Below is a short description of each.

Protected – Also known as Finished, Italian, or Pigmented. This leather type has been painted, embossed, or altered in some way. Usually, the altering is due to imperfections in the leather’s appearance. However, altering actually helps protect the leather. This is often the most durable leather type.

Aniline – Also known as Natural, Pure, or Unprotected. These are Leathers that are altered very little with dye. The dye doesn’t disguise the actual leather pattern, so you are seeing the actual virtually unadulterated leather. This is nice, luxurious leather, but it comes with consequences.

Nubuck – Also known as Chaps or Bomber. These are Aniline Leathers that the surface has been brushed to create a velvet-like texture. Nubuck is difficult to tell apart from Aniline. The only difference is the very faint velvet appearance.

Leather is not bulletproof.  In fact, it scratches easily and can be stained just as easy as other fibers. Leather should be professionally maintained. A skilled technician is needed to properly clean leather every 12-18 months according to tanneries.

Light-colored leather especially needs to be cleaned regularly. Clean BEFORE your furnishings begin to look dirty. Once a light-colored piece of leather appears overall dirty, you’ve already begun to damage the hide’s appearance. Take this warning to heart if you have Aniline or Nubuck leather.

DO NOT USE any product other than a specialty leather product. Many cleaners on the market can permanently discolor or harden your leather. (Especially leather cleaning solutions designed for car interiors).

How Can You Tell What Type of Leather You Have? The easiest way for you to tell is to lightly scratch the leather in an unnoticeable area. If it doesn’t readily leave a scratch mark, it is most likely protected leather. If it leaves a mark, it is most likely Aniline or Nubuck.

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