How To Care For Your Upholstered Furniture

Investing in the ideal sofa or other furniture is a decision that will reward you for many years if taken care of properly. Yet, even the most well-constructed furniture can have issues arise over time; by understanding what to look out for and considering our helpful solutions beforehand when selecting your furniture, you’ll be sure to pick the perfect piece that checks all boxes!

The Problem: The Way Your Fabric Looks At Night Isn’t How It Looks During The Day.

So you’ve carefully selected the ideal piece of furniture only to wander into your living room at night and feel bewildered. It happens; store lighting can be deceptive, creating a false sense of colors that may look different in natural light or during late hours. To avoid such unpleasant surprises, it’s best to ask your salesperson if they could loan you a fabric swatch for one evening before making any purchase decisions. Especially remember to compare it with the wall color, too, since even this can alter according to changing conditions!

The Problem: It Breaks In.

Your sofa will undergo a three-stage transformation throughout its lifetime: pre-purchase, initial break-in period, and the final lifespan. Just like those amazing shoes you own, your couch too may need some time to adjust after being purchased; it might involve fluffing of cushions or loosening of fabric but eventually, with usage and time – expect that cushion to become more supple!

Fear not if your sofa is starting to break in! You should expect it to remain comfortable and well-supported, although some cushions may need periodic fluffing. If the breaking-in period passes without improvement, don’t hesitate to contact where you purchased your sofa for warranty info and care advice.

The problem: It Gets Dirty; No Big Surprise There.

Of course, your sofa could get stained if a droplet of ice cream is spilled or Fido decides to traipse in mud. Generally, though, consistent wear-and-tear will be the culprit when you consider that cushions are often subject to greasy heads and grubby hands on a daily basis.

Regular and professional maintenance is critical for longer-lasting, better-looking furniture. Cleaning every two to three years should be enough; however, your professional furniture cleaning company can recommend the appropriate at-home remedy between professional cleanings for minor stains. Avoid store-bought stain removal products, as many of these contain optical brighteners that may cause permanent discoloration or bleaching. You’ll enjoy your furniture for much more time with the proper care and attention!

The Problem: Your Sun-Filled Living Room Is Bleaching Your Furniture Fabric.

To protect your new couch from sun damage, select fabrics like Sunbrella or Crypton that are specifically made to be UV-resistant. Alternatively, prevention is key! Keep furniture away from direct sunlight in the sunroom or in front of large windows or sliders. Arrange furniture to avoid sun exposure when not occupied; drawing curtains could also help. It’s essential to consider any natural light sources before buying furniture for any room – inform your sales consultant of this fact and have them guide you toward the most suitable fabric for your space!

Purchasing a suitable fabric for your furniture is the best way to avoid permanent sun bleaching.

If you are reading this blog post after the fact and have a bleached sofa or chair – a slipcover can be an option before reupholstery or replacement. Many quality slipcovers look natural and are a possible solution to renew the look of your upholstery.

The problem: Your Solid Fabric Is Wrinkling.

If you’re looking for a trend that won’t go out of style, solid fabric is it. However, there’s one drawback: since the material is plain and lacks texture, wrinkles can be on full display! What should you do? Don’t fret- simply use a handheld steamer to get rid of those pesky creases—a trick many may not know unless they’ve used patterned fabrics in the past.

The Problem: It Pills.

Have you been experiencing pilling on your fabrics? As fibers, especially shorter ones, are stretched and pulled after abrasion, they form fuzz balls that rise to the fabric’s surface. While some materials, such as Ultrasuede, claim to be pill-resistant, it is inevitable that any material will eventually break down over time with frequent use – except, of course, leather which never pills! But don’t fret! The solution is here: very delicately shave away the existing fuzz using an electric shaver, followed up with a light vacuuming for extra measures.

The Problem: Your Pet Loves Your Furniture A Little Too Much

Fluffy may be soft and cuddly, but their fur has disadvantages. We regret ever allowing them to get on the furniture in the first place! The answer is surprisingly simple: invest in some rubber gloves for pet hair online or at your local pet shop that makes clearing up Fluffy’s fur a snap. Follow the guidelines provided by the manufacturer, and you’ll find that their fur slides right off of the fabric, so you can quickly discard it.

There you have it:

Common problems with upholstered furniture. If you know what can go wrong before your brand-new furniture arrives, you can do a better job keeping it pristine. After all, a well-cared-for sofa will last you for years to come.

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