House Have an Odor? You Might Want To Have Your Tile and Grout Cleaned.

When you walk into your home, do you smell a funk that doesn’t seem to go away? If you have tile and grout, this could be culprit! Like carpets, tile floors can lock in smells from shoes, feet, spilled food and drinks and even water that gets trapped during mopping.

You’d be surprised to learn all the bacteria that’s inside of your tile floors. In a study recently done by the University of Arizona, nine different species of bacteria were found in tile floors – most of which came from people’s shoes. These bacteria can lead to infections in your eyes, stomach and lungs and also produce off-gassing that pollutes your indoor air quality.

When your floors are starting to smell, this could be a clear sign that it’s time for a deep cleaning. Your next call should be to Tru-Clean.

Grout is very porous and absorbs moisture when mopping, dirt, pet urine and other spills that become trapped deep within the veins of the grout and literally “rots.” Because these contaminates are deep-set, they are protected from the maintenance mopping of homeowners and over time, will off-gas.

Tips for Keeping Smells at Bay

After having your tile and grout cleaned professionally, there are a variety of things you can do to prevent smells from invading your floors again.

Have your grout lines sealed to protect against spills

Don’t smoke inside of your home

Clean your restroom and around the toilet with an active enzyme

Wipe up spills right away to prevent the floors from absorbing them

Mop your tile and grout with a neutral (pH of 7) floor cleaner

Schedule follow-up professional tile and grout cleanings at least once a year

You don’t have to put up with that nasty smell that’s lingering on your floors. To get a professional tile and grout cleaning right away, contact Tru-Clean and schedule an appointment today.

All tile and grout cleaning companies are NOT the same. The quality of their technicians, equipment and cleaning solutions vary from company to company – when choosing a tile and grout cleaning company check out the company’s industry credentials and reputation with Angie’s List and the Better Business Bureau.

Tru-Clean is a Certified Partner with the prestigious Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) and the international Carpet & Rug Institute (CRI). In addition we are A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau and Angie’s List and our technicians are certified by the world’s most respected certification body for textile professionals.

For more information about Tru-Clean please visit us online at or call us any time at 239-541-4888.


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