Grout Renewal For Ugly Tile And Grout

Let’s Face It, Dirty & Discolored Grout Can Spoil The Look of Your Entire Home.

When grout does its job — locking tiles tight, keeping out water, and giving floors and walls a finished look — nobody pays much attention. It’s only when grout gets dirty that people take notice.

At Tru-Clean, we understand better than most how frustrating it can be to get on your hands and knees and scrub with a brush for hours just to see the fruits of your labor disappear a couple of weeks later.

You see, the average person is only capable of applying 12-15 pounds of pressure when scrubbing grout with a brush.  In addition, homeowners cleaning solutions are typically “over-the-counter” consumer based products and not professional grade – for commercial use only.

When your tile and grout is professionally cleaned by Tru-Clean, our powerful truck-mounted technologies are capable of applying over 1200 pounds of pressure at 240 degrees.  With specialized tools, experience and patented commercial grade cleaning solutions, we’re able to remove years of deep set dirt, oils and bacteria that homeowners and most tile cleaning companies can only imagine.

Store purchased cleaning solutions are designed for “do it yourselfers” and as such, they are typically watered down and designed for ease of use.  The bottom line is, all the labor you put into cleaning your grout ends up being an act in futility.

On a daily basis we receive calls from consumers throughout SW Florida asking what can be done to restore the beauty of their tile and grout flooring.  In many cases a thoroughly exhaustive professional tile and grout cleaning with a quality sealant is all that’s needed.  In other cases the grout is so stained, or the homeowner is desirous of lightening, darkening or changing the grout color, our specialized grout renewal process is the perfect solution to restore the beauty of their tile and grout.

Grout Coloring and Renewal

Since 2006 Tru-Clean has been the grout cleaning and coloring/renewal specialist of choice for some of the areas most respected interior designers, realtors and contractors.

We’re able to restore the beauty of tiled flooring when the grout has been permanently stained or when the homeowner would like to change the color of their existing grout.  We also hear from homeowners who are simply tired of that dated “checker board” look.  By changing the color of the grout to closely match the color of the tile, the room will have a clean, modern look and make it appear larger.

Advantages of Grout Renewal/Coloring and Sealer

When choosing to have your grout renewed, colored or sealed consumers need to be made aware of the process.  Sealers and dual stage colorants come in two varieties: membrane-forming and penetrating.

The first type (membrane-forming) is prone to peeling, chipping or getting cloudy over time.  These types of sealants are “cheap” and in our opinion, are unethical to apply yet some company’s use them because, well, they’re cheap!

Not a month goes by we’re not called by a homeowner who hired a company to renew or color their grout only to be faced with peeling sealant within a couple of years.  Of course when they call the company who “renewed” their grout to come out and honor their warranty, that company is no longer in business or blames the customer for failure to maintain the sealant properly.

The second type of sealant, and the only sealant and colorant we use, is a penetrating stain and sealant, which is designed to allow the grout to breathe while protecting it from staining and bacteria.

Unlike cheap sealants imported from China, our sealants are American made and manufactured in the State of Florida.  Our grout renewal stains and sealants are custom mixed by our company to match any color you can imagine.  In addition, we infuse our stains and sealants with Microban to help thwart microorganisms from growing deep within grout.

Tru-Clean’s grout cleaning and renewal services are designed to produce professional results with superior durability.

Our certified technicians can restore any tile floor or wall back to a clean, uniform look with easier maintenance and greater stain resistance and with proper maintenance will last a lifetime.

Whether you want to renew your existing grout color or looking to change it, our four step cleaning, staining, sealing and Microban protection process will leave your tiled floors looking better than new – GUARANTEED!

For a thoroughly exhaustive tile and grout cleaning, followed by a permanent color change, sealant and Microban infusion the costs range between .75 and $1.25 per square foot.  When properly maintained, our sealant will last a lifetime and will never peel or chip.  No other company in SW Florida guarantees their work for life.

Tru-Clean is a family owned environmentally responsible tile and grout cleaning company serving all of Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Lehigh Acres, Pine Island, Bonita Springs, North Fort Myers, Fort Myers Beach, Estero, Sanibel, Naples, Punta Gorda and Marco Island.

Tru-Clean is an “A” rated company with Angie’s List and out technicians are certified by the world’s most respected certification body for textile professionals.

For more information on our tile cleaning or grout coloring and renewal process please visit us online at or give us a call any time at 239-541-4888 – Lee County, 239-206-1935 – Bonita Springs, Naples and Marco Island or 941-621-2198 – Punta Gorda.