Grout Color Sealing Throughout SW Florida

Clean tile and grout play such a fundamental role in the beauty of our homes and offices. Tile complimented with clean grout lines ties a room together, and your flooring is the first thing a visitor sees when entering through the front door.

Just as clean tile and grout make a statement, so do dark soiled grout lines that are supposed to be white or beige.  Dirty tile and grout not only looks unkempt and splotchy but also contaminates buried deep in the grout lines can off-gas odors, thereby contributing to decreased indoor air quality.

Sure, grout is just water, cement, sand, and tint. And it’s a necessary substance for setting tile and filling joints. However, it’s so much more. Grout is a central focal point of any tiled surface. That fact especially hits home when the grout begins to get dirty, stain and discolor.

Often when a consumer calls Tru-Clean Surface Care to obtain an estimate to clean their tile and grout, the problem isn’t the tile; it’s dirty grout.  Some clients tell us that they have spent back-breaking hours scrubbing grout lines with bleach and over-the-counter grout cleaners only to have their grout “ugly over” again in a week.   They complain that the grout won’t stay clean, no matter how many times they clean their floor.

The problem with “do it yourself tile and grout cleaning” is the homeowner either lacks experience, chemicals, equipment, or all three.

Tru-Clean Surface Care employs certified technicians armed with the best cleaning solutions and equipment to effectively combat dirty tile and grout.  Our cleaning agents are designed to emulsify deep-set contaminates on tile and in the grout.  Once the “ugly” has been liquified, we use a specialty tile and grout cleaning wand that connects to a powerful truck-mounted system.  Tile and grout are safely washed and rinsed using over 800lbs of rinsing action at 245 degrees.  The result is a phenomenal-looking floor.

What If My Grout Is Permanently Stained?

Keeping in mind that grout is colored cement and sand with a surface area half the size of a grain of salt, the colorant can wear off due to improper cleaning and acidic spills such as juices, pet urine, etc.  Once the color has been removed, no amount of cleaning can “put the color back in” the grout.  Sure, after a thoroughly exhaustive tile and grout cleaning, your floor will look amazing; there may be splotches in the grout lines where the color has been damaged over the years.

There’s a fix for ugly-permanently stained grout too!

From interior designers to contractors and homeowners wanting to either change the color of installed grout or rematching it to its original glory, Tru-Clean Surface Care offers grout color seal services.

Grout coloring is a process by which we can match over 5,000 colors and enhance or change the grout color permanently.  In some instances, the homeowner may like the color of their existing grout, but it is splotchy.  In other cases, a contractor may not be satisfied with the color they chose to use when the tile was laid in a new home.  And in some other cases, a homeowner or interior designer may want to change the color of the grout to enhance a room.

Tru-Clean Surface Care can change the color of grout and provide you with a lifetime guarantee.  If you have maintained your freshly colored grout and it should develop an imperfection, call us, and we’ll correct the issue at no charge, no if’s, and’s, or but’s!

Grout Color Sealers

Our video explaining grout color seal 

For those who already have grout and want to enhance their existing beauty or spice things up with a new color, color sealers have gained a lot of traction as of late. Also called grout colorant, the popularity of the product we use is two-fold: color and durability.

Color sealing your existing grout has the added benefit of preventing staining and discoloring, plaguing most grouts.  The grout color sealing product we use inhibits the growth of bacteria with continually acting mildewcides. That makes for a healthier home.

Once our technicians color your grout, your floor will look BETTER THAN NEW – GUARANTEED!  With conventional grout, there are imperfections due to installers walking on it while wet leaving behind dirt, cigarette ash, and even insects.  When we apply colorant, the look is uniform from room to room with no imperfections.  And cleaning is a breeze. Simply mop with a neutral floor cleaner once a week.

For “do it yourselfer’s” be aware that some “grout colorant” on the market is a type of paint that will not offer the protection of a sealer. And it will peel. We’ve even seen contractors use these cheap colorants only for the homeowner to discover 9-12 months after paying for the service that the paint is peeling up.  Be sure you are getting what you pay for. You can rest assured that Tru-Clean Surface Care provides only the highest quality color sealer products.  Our product is a colorant, permanent sealer and contains a mildewcide to help prevent off-gassing and bacterial buildup.

Tru-Clean Surface Care is a Certified Partner with the prestigious Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) and the International Carpet & Rug Institute (CRI).  We are a StonePro Authorized Service Provider, a surpHaces Pro Partner, and A+ Rated by the Better Business Bureau.  We are also an eight-year-in-a-row-winner of the coveted Angie’s List Super Service Award.

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