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Before & After Images Of A Recent Grout Staining Job

In the above, the homeowner hired a company to replace her tile with “wood look” ceramic and the job didn’t look authentic due to the white grout lines.  Our job was to make the tiled areas look fantastic.  We accomplished our job and the client couldn’t be more pleased!


Discussions involving how to clean tile and grout vary depending on what “expert’s opinion” you find on the internet, to your local big box retailer or tile and grout cleaning “professional.” The facts are, if the grout is not sealed properly the dirtier your floor will become after cleaning. Let’s take a look at why.

Grout is simply tiny, sand like graduals and are very porous. Every time you mop unsealed grout, the dirty mop water soaks into the grout lines staining and discoloring them. Bacteria also penetrates the grout and begins to grow causing odor, bacteria and mold problems. The only way to properly avoid these issues is by sealing the grout. Once the grout is sealed with a professional grade sealer containing a microbial agent mixture, taking care of your tiled floor is a cinch! You simply wet mop the floor with a neutral pH cleaner and use an old towel to dry your freshly cleaned tile and grout.

Drying your freshly mopped floor is by far the most important step. While you are mopping the floor, the dirty mop water will run into the grout lines. If the dirty water is left to dry, dirt will start to build up on top of the sealer plus you’ll leave an ugly residue behind. This dirt can easily be removed by a little elbow grease, but can be avoided all together by drying the floor and picking up the dirty water. The easiest way to dry a floor is to throw down an old towel and shuffle around. Using this method to clean a properly sealed floor will allow your grout lines to stay beautiful and prevent any dirt build up on top of the sealer.

When tile is installed, rarely is the grout sealed by the installer. The absence of sealer allows dirty mop water, spills, soil and bacteria to soak into the grout leaving the tile with dirty, discolored grout lines.

Over time, grout lines can become stained and permanently discolored and no amount of cleaning can reverse this damage. In situations like this, or if the homeowner simply wants a different color grout or if they want the grout lines to look perfect, we offer grout color sealing.

Grout color sealing will make the grout lines uniform, stain free and perfect, and also prevents future discoloration, stains and bacteria from entering the grout.

Tru-Clean offers a color sealing process with unlimited amounts of colors to choose from. We can restore the original color or custom color match the grout to the tile and décor of the home. Simply changing the color of the grout can often transform the look of an entire room. Once Tru-Clean applies our proprietary color sealer, and with proper maintenance, NOTHING can penetrate and stain the grout lines again and should something penetrate our bullet proof sealer, we will return and repair at no additional charge!

Tru-Clean is a Certified Partner with the prestigious Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) and the international Carpet & Rug Institute (CRI). In addition, we are A+ rated with the Better Business Bureau, A Rated with Angie’s List and a three year in a row recipient of the coveted Angie’s List Super Service Award.

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Tru-Clean offers a FREE demonstration of our grout coloring and sealing process so that you know exactly what your new floor will look like. Give us a call any time.


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