Granite Countertop Cleaning, Polishing and Sealing in SW Florida

Granite is one of the world’s hardest materials and has steadily become the surface of choice for stone countertops throughout SW Florida.  Granite is easy to clean, resistant to most acids, and, when sealed correctly, will not stain. But there are times when your granite surfaces need attention.

Over time a heavily used granite counter space can become dulled by the constant abrasion of porcelain dishes, metal hardware, and other implements. When this happens, the surface needs to be polished. Polishing is performed by using specialized tooling, diamond pads, and polishes. Once the surface is returned to a polished finish, it is detailed and sealed using an impregnating sealer. Your newly polished granite will last for years.

Much harder than marble, granite is a rugged and resilient stone that requires specialized knowledge and equipment to restore. This is not a service that a “handyman should perform.”

Tru-Clean Surface Care is one of the leading granite countertop cleaning, repair, and sealing companies in SW Florida.  We are certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC), StonePro Approved, and a surpHaces PRO Partner.  We understand granite and natural stone better than most, and our technicians are certified and experienced in all facets of granite countertop cleaning, repair, and sealing.

Each granite countertop is different in terms of its needs.  Some only need a thoroughly exhaustive cleaning and polishing, while others need a restorative honing to help feather or eliminate deep scratches.  And then other, require repairs for chips or cracks.

We understand granite’s unyielding personality and have the right tools and techniques to get it looking its absolute best once more.

Granite Countertop Services

Polishing Granite

An uneven finish, dull spots, or etches can diminish the elegant appearance of your granite. We can polish your granite using granite-specific equipment and supplies to restore the finish to its original beauty. Our expert granite polishing services can achieve a gorgeous, glass-like polish.

Granite Honing

Do your granite floors, or granite countertops have dull areas associated with wear patterns, scratches, etches, or spots? We can hone your granite surfaces to eliminate these imperfections, resulting in a new granite surface free of damage. Our expert technicians can achieve a honed or soft matte finish that is warm, inviting, and velvety smooth with our granite honing services.

Granite Stain Removal

Our professional technicians are experts in removing discolorations and stains on granite. Whether you want guidance in do-it-yourself granite stain removal or prefer to have us remove your granite discolorations for you, the original color of your granite can most likely be restored.

Granite Repairs

Do you have chipped granite countertops? Are there cracks in your granite floor? What about broken granite tiles? Before you replace your granite, consider having us provide expert granite repair services. We can fill holes in granite, fix granite cracks and chips, blend the repair site with the surrounding area, and conclude by honing and polishing your granite floor, countertop, or other granite surfaces to create a uniform finish.

Impregnating / Sealing Granite Surfaces

Some natural stone types are more porous than others, and the more porous a natural stone is, the more susceptible it is to staining. Your granite will be easier to keep clean with regular professional deep cleaning services, using non-acidic, highly effective cleaning solutions. Once your granite is cleaned and restored, we may recommend you seal it to enhance its stain resistance. We say “may” because not all stone needs to be sealed. Highly polished stone may not even take an impregnating sealer. But, if sealing is recommended, know that sealing represents an inexpensive, preventative measure against stain damage because it buys you time to wipe up spills before they become stains.

In addition to our national certifications, Tru-Clean Surface Care is A+ Rated by the Better Business Bureau and an eight-year-in-a-row-winner of the coveted Angie’s List Super Service Award.  Our cleaning solutions are allergen-free and safe for pets and children.

What You Should Know

At Tru-Clean Surface Care, we can instruct you on the proper day-to-day care of your natural stone and tile floors, countertops, and other surfaces. We offer a free, downloadable Care Guide and can recommend stone-safe Care Products to help you keep your home or business looking great.

For more information on our granite countertop services or for a FREE estimate, please visit Tru-Clean Surface Care online at or give us a call any time at 239-541-4888 – Cape Coral and Lee County, 239-206-1935 – Bonita Springs, Naples, and Marco Island or 941-621-2198 – Punta Gorda and Port Charlotte, Florida.  You can also visit us on Facebook at