Granite and Marble Countertop Refinishing In SW Florida

The Art of Granite and Marble Countertop Perfection

When maintained properly, the brilliance of granite and marble countertops stands unrivaled. They are not just surfaces but a statement of style and sophistication. At Tru-Clean Surface Care, we specialize in elevating your home’s charm by refining these natural stone masterpieces. Serving Lee, Collier, and Charlotte County, we are the trusted name in countertop restoration. We are backed by experience and prestigious certifications from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), a Stone PRO Professional, and a surpHaces Certified PRO Partner.

Understanding the Beauty of Natural Stone

Why Choose Granite and Marble?

Granite and marble have been the epitome of luxury in homes for centuries. Why? Their unique patterns, durability, and timeless elegance make them a top choice for homeowners. But what truly sets granite and marble surfaces apart is their ability to be rejuvenated through professional refinishing, cleaning, polishing, and sealing.

Tru-Clean Surface Care: Your Granite and Marble Countertop Restoration Experts

Why Trust Us?

We know stone! Our expert team combines years of experience and ongoing certifications with a passion for perfection. As a certified partner with industry-leading organizations, we ensure that your countertops receive the best care possible. We don’t just restore surfaces; we revitalize your home’s aura.

The Process of Countertop Refinishing

Transforming Your Countertops

Our stone restoration process is meticulous. It starts with a thorough inspection to assess the condition of your countertops. We then use advanced techniques to clean, polish, and seal your granite and marble, ensuring your countertops look as splendid as the day they were installed.

Cleaning: The Foundation of Refinishing

Cleaning is crucial. Our technicians use advanced diamond cleaning pads and leading-edge cleaning solutions that are safe for natural stone.  Our process will remove embedded dirt, bacteria, flaking sealers, and other contaminates while preparing the surface for the subsequent steps.

How Do We Do It?

Polishing is an art. It eliminates minor scratches and dullness, restoring the natural sheen of your stone countertops. Our skilled technicians use specialized equipment to eliminate dust while achieving a gleaming, smooth finish that amplifies the countertops in your kitchen, bathrooms, or bar areas.

Granite and Marble Sealing: The Shield Against Damage

Why Is Sealing Important?

Sealing is the final, vital step. Our multi-year sealers protect your countertops from spills, stains, and wear, prolonging their beauty and durability. We apply high-quality sealants that offer robust protection while preserving the stone’s natural appearance. Our impregnating sealers are absorbed by your stone to offer more than just “surface” results.  Our nano-sealers are also food safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Areas Do You Serve?

We proudly serve clients throughout Lee, Collier, and Charlotte County, bringing our expertise to your doorstep.

How Often Should Countertops Be Refinished?

It depends on usage and stone type. Generally, we recommend professional refinishing every five to eight years, depending on usage and the client’s maintenance routine. If you are a snowbird or you’re on top of your maintenance (wiping down the counters, using a professional cleaner, etc.) you many not have to worry about another restoration for 12-18 years.

Investing in Your Home’s Beauty

With Tru-Clean Surface Care’s professional countertop services, you can expect phenomenal countertops.  The veins of the stone will stand out, the surface will reflect light, and your countertops will become the room’s focal point.

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Investing in professional countertop refinishing is not just about maintaining surfaces; it’s about rejuvenating the heart of your home. With Tru-Clean Surface Care, you choose excellence, expertise, and an unwavering commitment to beauty. Let Tru-Clean Surface Care transform your countertops into a testament to your home’s elegance.


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