Getting Rid Of Cigarette Odor In Your Home Or Car In SW Florida

Many of the area’s leading interior designers, realtors, contractors, and floor covering professionals count on the services of Tru Clean Surface Careto take good care of their customers.

As experts in odor control, we are often called upon by realtors and recent home buyers to combat cigarette smell in a home that’s either recently been purchased or ready to go on the market. Cigarette odors in a home or automobile originate from the oils and nicotine off-gassed as the smoker exhales. Tar, nicotine and residual oils do not “go away with time” and no amount of air deodorizers or Febreze can make the smell go away.

Cigarette tar and nicotine penetrate upholstery, carpeting, drywall, wood cabinets, clothing, etc. Once the oils and nicotine have soaked into a susceptible host, it takes a determined effort to remove them.

To successfully combat cigarette odor and depending on the “rate of infection” we recommend having all drapes, vehicle interior, carpeting, and upholstery professionally cleaned. Also, you will want to wash ALL HARD SURFACES with a “Simple Green Solution” (Simple Green can be purchased at your favorite hardware store). Hard surfaces will include all countertops, cabinets, walls, etc.

If your home still smells after cleaning, you may want to consider an ozone treatment. Tru Clean Surface Care successfully treats homes, hotels, and vehicles that smell like a cigarette factory. By using an industrial ozone generator in conjunction with an enzymatic thermal-fog, we are able to oxidize the oils, smoke particulate, tar and nicotine and eliminate the toxic byproducts of second-hand smoke.

Ozone works by introducing “a third atom” into odors thereby oxidizing the odor or converting the molecular structure to another substance. Ozone converts foul-smelling substances into a non-odorous substance naturally with no unhealthy after effects. Ozone treatments are also effective at destroying mold, bacteria, viruses, fungus, and mildew.  The thermo-fog process introduces an enzyme designed to digest the molecules causing the odor.

Tru Clean Surface Care has successfully treated hundreds of homes, hotel rooms, apartments and vehicles to eliminate the smell of cigarettes. When applying ozone, the customer will have to make overnight accommodations as pets or humans can not be present during the application of ozone gassing. An ozone application treatment typically takes 24 hours and for the average size of 1600 sq. ft. home the cost of treatment is typically less than $300.00.  For vehicles, you can drive away in about three hours.

Tru Clean Surface Care is a family-owned environmentally responsible carpet, tile and upholstery cleaning company serving all of Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Lee, Charlotte and Collier County. Our technicians are certified by the world’s most prestigious certification body for textile professionals and we offer convenient evening and weekend appointments.

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