Allergen Treatment For Upholstery and Carpeting in SW Florida
Did you know?

If your upholstered furniture is used regularly and is more than one year old there’s enough accumulated soil, dead skin cells and biological matter within the fabric to feed an entire dust mite colony! YUCK

Dust and dust mites are the number one enemy of upholstered furniture. Gritty matter blows in through open doors and windows and impregnates itself on the back and cushions of your furniture. When you sit on the cushion the oils from your skin compress the dirt into the fabric where it’s almost impossible to remove with vacuum cleaning.

The abrasive action of the grit cuts the fibers like a knife. That’s why your upholstery wears down over time. Combine grit, body oils, pollens, food crumbs with dust mites and their nasty fecal pellets, and your furniture is literally awash with bacteria in the short span of just a year (with an average family). If you have pets and kids your furniture needs to be cleaned and sanitized thoroughly at least once a year.


Are the result of soils and dust mites that are not removed from furniture on a regular basis. The byproduct of decaying living materials decomposing can easily be seen using the “black cloth test.” (See Below)


Because today’s fabrics are designed to hide dirt with patterns and colors. Just because you can’t see dust mites, shed skin and dirt doesn’t mean it’s not there.


If you’re a retired couple and live in your home 6 months out of the year, probably every 2 or 3 years. If you have an active family and pets, we suggest at least once every 18 months.  Furniture that is not cleaned regularly contributes to indoor air pollution, are a breeding ground for dust mites, pollen and bed bugs, and contains allergens that can wreak havoc on someone with allergies.


Tru Clean Surface Care uses special emulsifying cleaning agents that sanitize and remove deep-set oils, dust mites, staining, and grit. Our state-of-the-art upholstery services will leave your furniture sanitized, fresh and clean.


If you try spot cleaning furniture and choose the wrong spotting agent you can ruin it by using incorrect “self-help” products. We have seen many instances of damage done to furniture by clients who’ve tried to clean it themselves with over-the-counter cleaning agents.

How to determine If Your Furniture Needs Professional Cleaning:

THE BLACK CLOTH TEST: Use your vacuum cleaner attachment nozzle and take a piece of thin black cloth and rubber band it to the end of the vacuum hose. Let it drape into the hose a little way. Put the upholstery tool on the end of the hose. Now turn the vacuum on and run it across the top of your upholstery or mattress. Take off the upholstery tool and observe all the dead skin, dander, dust mites and other particles. If you see accumulations of fine particles, it needs cleaning.

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