Effective Pet Urine Odor And Staining Treatment In SW Florida

Let’s face it. Even the most well-trained pet is going to have an accident. That’s why we call them accidents. Have you ever walked into your home and noticed that slight aroma of a zoo? Have you ever noticed how it’s more noticeable when the humidity levels go up?

We can make sure that the odor goes away, and stays away – at least until the next accident. We will treat your carpet with a product that will neutralize the odor, not mask it. That means it goes away and stays away.

There are a number of urine odor products available today at your local pet store. Unfortunately, most are composed of surfactants (detergents) and a masking agent. A few also employ enzymes and some use alcohol as a solvent. Still, others are chemicals, whose molecules encapsulate, or coat, the urine molecules to “seal in” the odor. The shortcomings of these approaches are that the odor is usually addressed only temporarily, and the stain most times not at all. None will have success with old, dried urine deposits.

In the case of pets, the problem is compounded because of their territory-marking behavior and their very acute sense of smell. Even when the urine odor has been rendered imperceptible to humans, animals detect it and are compelled to re-apply their own scent! So once an animal has “gone” in one spot, they frequently return to it again and again, no matter what we do.

At Tru Clean Surface Care our commercial-grade enzyme treatments are specifically designed to consume the uric acid crystals, in addition to removing the other components of urine. Effectively removing these crystals is what distinguishes our patented treatment from our competitors and those “over the counter temporary treatments” that can be purchased at your local pet store. With the source of the odor AND the stain removed, the problem is solved. All that’s left is a pleasant citrus fragrance and even that disappears when the product dries.

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Our family donates a percentage of our profits to the ASPCA in its mission to provide effective law enforcement means for the prevention of cruelty of animals throughout the United States.

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