Coronavirus & Virus Treatment for Businesses and Homes in SW Florida

With the threat of viruses and bacteria looming in our homes, vehicles, and places of worship and business, Tru-Clean Surface Care has a two-part service designed to eliminate SARS-CoV-2, (the virus that causes COVID-19) as well as continually destroy viruses, bacteria, fungi, and mold on contact.

While most commercial disinfectant services can spray or fog a commercial or residential structure, the disinfectant disappears or is wiped off upon touch. Once the disinfectant is disturbed, the surface is no longer protected. Talk about a waste of money!

Disinfectant Solutions That Lasts Up To 90 Days

Tru-Clean Surface Care applies an EPA approved, non-toxic antimicrobial known as MonoFoil, that utilizes nanotechnology to effectively kill over 70+ strains of viruses, bacteria, mold, fungi, and algae.

This protection is designed to last up to ninety days and is non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and hypoallergic. The active ingredient forms a positively charged polymer barrier that bonds to most surfaces, including stone, steel, plastic, uniforms, sheetrock, tile, etc.

Unlike many disinfectants that are metabolized by most germs and viruses, our EPA approved disinfectant creates a network of electrically charged molecules on the surface, which ruptures the cell wall of a noted virus or bacteria on contact.

With most applied disinfectants, surfaces can become recontaminated two to four minutes after application.

With Tru-Clean Surface Care, our treatment lies in wait for up to ninety days, and when a germ appears close to one of our treatments electrically charged molecules, it is drawn in and blown apart. It’s like popping a balloon – our treatment causes instant cellular death! Microfoil, our FDA approved solution, does not allow microbes to mutate and creates a long-lasting protective anti-bacterial shield that prevents new microbial contamination for up to 90 days.

Microfoil creates a matrix of positively charged ‘sword-shaped’ molecules, which durably bond to any protected surface. Bacteria, viruses, fungi, and mold by nature, are negatively charged and are drawn to the positively charged particles of our products antimicrobial layer, where they are electrocuted.

How Industry Leaders Found A Better Way

• The Indiana Pacers use our EPA approved product to protect their team from Staph and MRSA (the most significant concern). They Pacers report they now have ZERO outbreaks in their organization.

• The Walt Disney Company now has a clear solution to mold growth on exteriors of their parks, restaurants, sidewalks, and exterior of buildings. Sustainable solutions are a better way to do business.

• Sports programs such as the NFL’s Detroit Lions and NBA’s Indiana Pacers, as well as college programs including Auburn, Indiana, Butler, Notre Dame, Butler, Marian, and Purdue, utilize Monofoil services to wipe out staph infections, pink eye, MRSA and other illnesses in locker rooms, workout areas and playing venues.

• Our EPA approved technology is now used by many major corporations, including Disney, Boeing, the NBA, Nestle, and Coors. Our disinfectant continually inhibits microbial growth, controls odors, and protect all surfaces and other areas from any cross-contamination.

• Other users include the MGM Grand, Aria Resort & Casino Las Vegas, National Institute of Health, St. Vincent Seton Specialty Hospital, and LA Metro.

What’s Protected

We can protect surfaces for up to 90 days which include:

• Upholstery and Leather
• All carpet types including nylon, rayon, wool, silk, and any other manufactured carpeting
• Granite, Limestone, Terrazzo, Travertine, Marble and other hard surfaces
• Tile and grout surfaces, countertops and bath areas
• Draperies, clothing, and other not mentioned cloth surfaces
• Fabric and hard chairs, desks, computers, and monitors
• Drywall, ceilings, and wall surfaces
• Playrooms, Day Care Facilities, Nursing Homes, Restaurants, Sports Care Complexes, Gyms, Schools, residential homes, commercial buildings, doctor’s offices, dental facilities, waiting areas, etc.

Unlike many electrostatically applied disinfectants that kill on contact and are eliminated as soon as someone touches a protected surface, our product has an EPA approval that it will continue to work after application for up to 90 days.

Our service can safely be fogged in a room or directly applied to surfaces.

For more information about our Coronavirus and antimicrobial services, please contact Tru-Clean Surface Care anytime at 239-541-4888 or visit us online at

Tru-Clean Surface Care provides disinfectant services throughout Lee, Charlotte, and Collier County.

Organizations that are treated by Tru-Clean Surface Care will receive a sticker that can be applied to the main entrance of their business to serve as proof to customers that your business has been treated.