Choosing A Carpet Cleaning Company in SW Florida

How To Choose A Carpet Cleaning Company in SW Florida

Are your carpets and rugs covered in food or beverage residue, pet stains, muddy footprints, or suffer from sheer grime? If so, then a good clean can revive them to their former glory. Not only that, but a quality cleaning will help increase the longevity of these items as well as improve the air quality inside your home. Thus, when it comes time to call in professional cleaners, look for those with positive reviews, experience, and who are nationally certified and accepted by all major carpet mills – they’ll make sure your carpets look like new once more!

Recently, a consumer research company evaluated multiple carpet and rug cleaning companies based on their pricing, services provided, reviews, and other factors. They discovered that the best-rated companies were more than twice as likely to receive positive customer reviews regarding “doing work properly, “neatness,” and overall quality compared to the lowest-rated ones. This illustrates how important it is for consumers to select professionals knowledgeable of proper industry standards when seeking reliable residential or commercial services.

The quality you receive when having your carpets and rugs cleaned largely depends on the company you choose to hire. Suppose that choice is not well thought out. In that case, you risk enduring severe damage due to over-wetting, untimely or poorly mixed chemicals, and imprudent spotting techniques – just naming a few potential issues from shoddy practices. Ensure that the people caring for your home are up for the job!

Before hiring a cleaning company, ask about its methods. For carpet, you’re usually better off hiring a company that offers hot-water extraction with truck-mounted equipment. This practice is recommended by all major carpet manufacturers, including the IICRC and the CRI.

Note:  Oriental and Persian rugs are best cared for by professional rug cleaners, never in the customer’s home. While many carpet cleaning companies claim to “hand-wash” rugs as a blanket term, look for Oriental rug cleaning companies that utilize an immersive hand-washing method conducted by certified technicians with a Rug Master in their facility. Some carpet cleaners may even contract specialists outside the company instead of performing the work themselves – if possible, seek help from providers who genuinely do their own rug washing.

When shopping for a carpet or rug cleaning company, be sure to compare “apples to apples” when comparing prices. How can the cheapest guy offer the same level of quality and service as the more expensive company? Is the cheaper company insured and certified? How are their reviews? What is the quality of their cleaning solutions and equipment? Do they perform background checks on their technicians? Are their technicians certified?

Carpet Cleaning Pricing

If you measure the size of your rooms accurately and provide detailed descriptions, most cleaning professionals will give you quotes over the phone or through email. In the previously referenced report, consumer organizations rated local cleaners in detail, including pricing information gathered by undercover shoppers, and found that higher-priced providers usually have better equipment, more reliable cleaning solutions, and more extended guarantees on their work, which may make them worth every penny spent! Many top-tier establishments are certified nationally and highly rated online, so quality standards should not be compromised. The adage is true; you get what you pay for!

Guarantees and What To Expect From A Quality Carpet Cleaning

Insist on a written guarantee that the company will redo the job if you are unsatisfied. Many quality carpet and rug cleaning providers offer guarantees; however, they differ in nature. Appreciate companies who openly discuss their boundaries prior to undertaking any work. Some stains on carpeting and area rugs can be impossible to eliminate once they have been set into place. Businesses may not know whether removal is possible until attempting to do so.

Before work starts, point out stains and tell workers what caused them. Also, be sure to advise your technician which stains returned after a previous carpet cleaning company has cleaned the carpeting. This information will help a certified technician know what to do when they incur the returning spot to remedy the stains return.

For carpet cleanings, remove or raise hanging objects that may interfere with a professional carpet cleaning, such as bed skirts, curtains, and small breakables on tables. To avoid surprises, get in writing the total cost of the job before service begins.

Don’t pay until you check the work. If you aren’t satisfied with the finished job, explain that you will not pay until the work is up to industry standards. If you later discover spots or other problems, speak up immediately. The longer you wait, the more likely the company will suspect that the spot is new.

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