Check Angie’s List Before You Hire A Carpet Cleaning Company

Before inviting any carpet cleaning company into your home you would be well advised to check out the potential companies rating with Angie’s List.

Angie’s List is an organization made up of more than one million members that report their experiences with local contractors such as carpet, tile and upholstery cleaners.  Angie’s List organization uses this information to provide unbiased ratings and reviews to assist consumers in locating trustworthy companies that provide high-quality work.  Companies can not pay to advertise on Angie’s List.

Through Angie’s List, consumers have the ability to quickly and easily tell thousands of other Angie’s List members about their experiences with a company. That’s really great news for the companies that do quality work – and not so great news for the companies that don’t. So when contractors know that you’re an Angie’s List member, you’re more likely to get a quick call back, the crews show up on time and work is completed faster.

Tru-Clean is proud of our “A” rating on Angie’s List and with the Better Business Bureau and we invite you to check us out.

As a family owned environmentally responsible carpet, tile and upholstery cleaning company we subscribe to the highest standards of the BBB and Angie’s List guidlines.  Our technicians are certified by the world’s most respected certification body for textile professionals and we are fully licensed and insured.

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