Holiday Carpet Cleaning Deals?  Buyer Beware!

Tru Clean Surface Care received a call a week ago from a client that had a situation that unfortunately isn’t all that uncommon in SW Florida. The client’s chief complaint was that his carpet was stained somewhat uniformly all over. He told us he didn’t understand how all the spots and stains on the carpet could be similar – upstairs and downstairs considering the fact that he’d just had his carpets cleaned by another cleaner just a couple weeks ago. He says, “It doesn’t make sense. It’s not like I walked around with the same stuff and spilled it everywhere. How can my whole carpet look bad and look like it hasn’t been cleaned? It took us just a few minutes to figure it out, but the answer is simple.

It was “cleaned” by the other guys.… You know the ones that advertise they’ll clean an entire home for $89.00 or just $8.95 a room.  Many of these deals are nothing more than a company misting some cleaning solution on your carpeting and using a buffer to “surface clean” the fibers of the carpet.  Others are cleaners offering to “steam clean” your carpets but if you want them to use a carpet cleaning agent, that’ll cost you extra.  Other coupons identify a room size as 200 sq. ft. and anything over this is gonna cost you big time.

This is where it is VERY important to go with a reputable carpet cleaner. The previous cleaning was incomplete and thoroughly useless. They didn’t extract all of the soap, and either used poor equipment, or a ridiculously fast hack job, and the soap that was left in the carpet continued to attract molecules of moisture and dirt the moment it dried.

Tru Clean Surface Care has literally been called out to dozens of consumers’ homes to re-clean carpets that have been previously cleaned by “other” cleaners. The clients indicated that their carpets appeared to resoil rapidly after being cleaned and they didn’t understand why. In most cases, the previous cleaner would refuse to return and stand behind their guarantee and the consumer was left with two choices. Either put up with the resoiled carpeting or call out a professional to do the job right. Soap that is not completely extracted from a carpet is the number one cause of carpets re-soiling within weeks of the original cleaning.

Having analyzed the client’s problem, we cleaned the customer’s carpets using a neutralizing formula to clean and extract the soap and detergents left behind by the previous cleaner.

After the cleaning, he was ecstatic as his carpet was perfect. Every stain came out and it looked brand new. The funny thing is the same day his carpet cleaning was scheduled he had just spilled some teriyaki sauce on the carpet and not just anywhere – on the stairs. It was a large amount and very unattractive but we got it all out!

The lesson is to keep your eyes on the carpet after you get a carpet cleaning and watch for new stains to magically appear. If the soap was not extracted properly, more dirt will be attracted to it and uniformly build up everywhere.

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