Carpet Cleaning and Ugly Filtration Soiling

Prior to having your carpets cleaned in SW Florida you may have notice “ugly black lines” forming around your baseboards.  These lines are a result of airborne contaminates such as oils, soot from burning candles or incents or dirty AC air filters.  Once these lines appear they are almost impossible to remove without a specialized emulsifier and a LOT of labor.

If you have light colored carpet, you may have experienced dark lines that appear mostly around the edge of the room and under doorways. This soiling is called filtration soiling because it comes from air passing through the carpet as it is attempting to get through the crack between the carpet and the baseboard or under a closed door. As the air passes through the edge of the carpet pile, this microscopic soiling is deposited there (hence the term filtration soiling). This occurs over a significant period of time and is not noticed until a buildup has occurred.

Filtration soiling often occurs when the filters in our AC systems aren’t changed often enough, or in homes where candles are lit or where the homeowner could use a better vacuum cleaner.

This type of soiling is difficult to remove because the soil particles are so fine that they penetrate deep into the carpet pile, sometimes into the backing of the carpet. Can it be removed? Sometimes. With special products, time and effort, reasonable results can be achieved.

To help prevent filtration soiling, vacuum and wipe the edges of the carpeting on a regular basis and be sure to use your vacuum cleaners edging attachment (if it has one). Be careful around the tack strip on the edge of the carpeting, it could nick your fingers!

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