Cape Coral Carpet Cleaning Tips – Just In Time For Fall

Though it’s hard to tell by the thermometer, summer is winding down, school is gearing up and football season is just around the corner. After a long season of sweltering heat, barbecues and pool parties it’s time to get your family and home ready the allergy season, fall visitors, cooler temperatures and the new school year. Everyone has heard the term “spring cleaning,” but it’s a good practice to clean and prepare your home for fall by following these simple tips.

1.  Turn your mattress: Did you turn your mattress last spring? It’s time to turn it again; rotating makes your mattress last even longer. While you’re at it, thoroughly clean all your linens, and clean out from under the bed.

Dust mites aggravate allergies and they love to hang out in mattresses; regular vacuuming and a once a year professional mattress cleaning can keep this problem at bay.

 2.  Clean out your refrigerator/freezer: Toss out old food and containers/bottles that haven’t been touched in a while. Use a mild cleaning solution to wipe down all of the shelves and drawers inside your fridge. If you have frozen food or meat that you haven’t touched in at least three months, throw it away.

 3.  Clean your carpeting:  Carpeting is the largest filter in your home and according to all major carpet manufacturers and the Carpet & Rug Institute you should have your carpeting cleaned ever 12-18 month.   In fact, if your carpeting is in the warranty period and you fail to have it professionally cleaned with receipts, you’ve just voided your warranty.

A thorough carpet cleaning will eliminate dust mites, pollen, dirt, oil, pet dander and other allergens while improving indoor air quality.  You wouldn’t continue to wear the same clothes for a year before washing them and your clothes are not exposed to the daily wear and tear your carpeting is.  Vacuuming your carpeting will not eliminate dust mites, pet dander, oils, road grime, etc.  Take care of your carpeting and it will reward you with better indoor air quality, looks and extended life of the textile.

4.  Upholstery Cleaning: The second largest filter in your home is your upholstered furniture.  The continued friction of getting up and sitting down over and over and over again deep-sets dirt, oils and other contaminates.  A professional cleaning every couple of years will extend the life of your furniture, improve its looks, reduce allergens and pet dander and greatly contribute to greater indoor air quality.

5.  Tile and Grout Cleaning:  Living in paradise, most of us have tile somewhere in our home.  Tiled flooring is beautiful and will last a lifetime IF maintained properly.  Our certified technicians can make quick work of restoring the beauty of your tile and grout for years to come.  Our thoroughly exhaustive cleaning process is designed to lift and remove years of deep-set dirt, oils, allergens and pet urine while restoring the look of your tile and grout to as new as possible condition.  Once you’ve had your tile cleaned you may want to consider sealing the porous grout lines so that maintaining your freshly cleaned flooring is as simple as a light mopping once a week.

Tru Clean if a family owned environmentally responsible carpet, tile and upholstery cleaning company serving all of Lee, Charlotte and Collier County.  Our technicians are certified by the world’s most respected certification body for textile professionals.  Tru Clean is an A+ rated company with the Better Business Bureau and Angie’s List and are also a certified firm with the Carpet & Rug Institute (CRI) and the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC).

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