Cape Coral Carpet Cleaning Coupons
Me and mommy are s mad at those unscrupulous carpet cleaning companies we just can’t stand it anymore.  They advertise one price and then when they get to your home, they start with the high-pressure tactics.

Recently an ad appeared in The New-Press from a local carpet cleaning company advertising carpet cleaning for just $8.95 a room or 5 rooms for $59.00. How many people really believe they can receive a decent carpet cleaning for this unbelievably low price? What’s the catch?

The catch is this. If you’ll read the ad it says the “Coupon includes a FREE demonstration of our deep scrub method.” Folks this should be a clue that if you want your carpets “deep cleaned” you will pay extra. I don’t know about you but when our clients call us for a carpet cleaning they expect a “deep scrub” so why should they pay extra for something they should be getting anyway?

According to the world’s most respected certification body for textile professionals, The IICRC, a basic carpet cleaning should include the following: A thorough vacuuming of the customer’s carpeting, adequate pre-spotting of spots, a thorough steam cleaning and final grooming of the carpet fibers. Anything less and you’re not receiving a proper carpet cleaning!

How do these companies get away with advertising such cheap rates? It’s easy. They rely on the “cheap prices” to get themselves in the customer’s home and then use “upsell tactics” to boost the price and most times the end result is that the customer pays more than they would have had they called any other carpet cleaning company.

These “low price” carpet cleaners know the customer has either taken off work that day to have their carpets cleaned or hope the customer doesn’t want to be inconvenienced by having to contact another carpet cleaner so they end up paying a higher price.

Do you really believe a company can survive by charging $8.95 a room to clean your carpets? With the cost of gas, employees, insurance and van payments in excess of $700 a month; it doesn’t add up. For an undercover sting operation on how these carpet and tile cleaning companies operate visit our website and click on the ABC News link.

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