Bait & Switch Carpet Cleaners Cape Coral | Fort Myers
Ever had one of those days? You have a carpet, tile or upholstery cleaning project that turns into a disaster. You dig through one of those coupon books or the yellow pages and choose a carpet cleaner because they advertise “a great deal” then, at the end of the project things just aren’t right.
Perhaps all the stains in your carpet reappeared after their “great deal” cleaning and now they won’t come back to address your concerns. Or how about the “great deal” tile cleaner that left you with loose tile and missing grout because their “kids on commission” technician used too much pressure to clean your tile and grout?
Tru-Clean Surface Care is a family-owned company and we’ve heard just about every horror story imaginable. A client of ours in Naples informed us recently that her mother invited an unscrupulous carpet cleaner into her home enticed by a coupon ad for $59 to clean an entire house. At the end of the cleaning her mother was presented with a bill for $379 and felt intimidated into paying.
We have another client in Cape Coral whose son chose someone out of a coupon book because they offered a “super guarantee.” The “cleaners” came to her home, were in and out in less than an hour, collected their check and within two days all of the spots returned. When she called the company to return and honor their “guarantee” they told her she must have done something to make the spots return and refused to come back.
As a family-owned company, from the very start, Tru-Clean Surface Care has had one constant in mind, to give our clients every reason they need to invite us back into their home again and again. Our goal is your delight, it’s that simple.
How do we accomplish our customers delight? That’s simple too. By overwhelming you with products and service of uncompromising quality and standing behind everything we do with an equally uncompromising – No Smile? No Charge. No Kidding!!! GUARANTEE. We hope Tru-Clean Surface Care will become the Only Choice when it comes to your carpet, tile and upholstery care needs.
To schedule a free estimate or to talk about your tile, carpet or upholstery cleaning needs please feel free to “call us on the carpet” anytime at 239-541-4888 or visit us on the web at  You can also visit us on Facebook at
And if you’re interested, please visit our website and view the ABC news undercover investigation targeting “bait & switch” carpet cleaners.