Best Granite and Marble Cleaning Product

Daily, we field calls from consumers and contractors throughout the United States asking for a recommendation for a safe cleaning product for natural stone surfaces that can also help maintain the stone’s sealant protection. Our recommendation is Crystal Clean.

Crystal Clean is an easy-to-use daily cleaner. Its pH-neutral formula is safe for any natural stone surface. Crystal Clean is a rinse-less cleaner that evaporates quickly without streaking or leaving water spots.

Use Crystal Clean with confidence on your granite countertop, travertine floor, marble shower, or natural stone. It also works great on stainless steel and glass, making it an excellent, inexpensive, all-purpose cleaner.

Added sealant protection is what makes Crystal Clean genuinely unique. It contains an advanced fluoropolymer protectant. Every time you clean, you are sealing and protecting your stone surface.

More About Crystal Clean

  • Neutral pH cleaner safe for everyday use
  • Provides added sealant protection
  • Fast-drying no-rinse formula leaves no residue or water spots.
  • Concentrated (1 Gallon makes up to 10 Gallons of Crystal Clean)
  • NO scrubbing, NO rinsing, NO streaking

This product works excellent on natural stone surfaces such as granite, marble, travertine, limestone, stainless steel, windows, mirrors, and glass. Spray or mop on – that’s it!

For more information about Crystal Clean and where to purchase, please visit Pro Cleaning Products at or give them a call any time at 877-879-2022 or in SW Florida, 239-344-9321

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