Beautiful Stone Floors and Counters Begin With The Right Cleaning Products

There is a feeling that comes when you walk into a fine hotel, luxury home, or resort. That sense of luxury starts with high-quality building materials and design elements when you step onto the property or through the front door.

The finest hotels and homes around the globe invest in the most luxurious stone. The architects, design teams, and decision-makers all fall in love with the look and beauty of cut-from-the-earth natural stone surfaces.   There is no doubt they elicit a feeling of luxury that just doesn’t come from manufactured materials.

Although these materials can outlast the property themselves, homeowners and facility maintenance teams often don’t know how to properly clean and care for them.  These once beautiful, polished marble, limestone, travertine, and granite floors and countertops are constantly under attack between spills and housekeeping or homeowners using improper cleaning or maintenance solutions.

Without proper care, these once shining, beautiful surfaces can begin to dull, look dingy, and lose their aesthetic effect, especially in high traffic areas.

Sand from the beach, a fumbled glass of wine, soda, pet urine, hand soap, or a strong cup of coffee spilled can ruin the look of natural stone surfaces.  Other offenders can be improper cleaning solutions, maintenance procedures, or a mop that wasn’t rinsed out properly after cleaning up from a previous spill.

Protecting natural stone surfaces is easier than most people realize.  Bringing stone surfaces back to what they looked like when first installed can also be done with a few simple products.

So let’s clean it up!

Marble Travertine and Limestone Floors – Most natural stones are damaged due to an improper or ineffective stone cleaner.  Cleaners that are too acidic or contain harsh detergents will damage natural stone.  Stonemasons, fabricators, fine hotels, and stone cleaning companies use a neutral stone cleaner such as Deep Clean that will effectively clean surfaces safely WITHOUT leaving streaks or damaging natural stone.  Standard acidic cleaners purchased in hardware or grocery stores can damage marble, travertine, limestone, and resin-treated granite surfaces.

Granite Countertops – To keep granite countertops looking phenomenal, professionals use The Granite Countertop Polishing KitThis all-in-one kit has everything needed to remove hard water deposits, deep clean, protect, and revitalize the granite stone surface, bringing back the shine.

Marble Countertops – Get out the ring mark, clean and polish.   Ring marks from acidic drinks (etching) are one of the most common issues with marble.  Natural Touch Etch Remover will minimize and often remove the appearance of these rings.  Stone & Glass Scrub and Crystal Clean (included in the Granite Countertop Polishing Kit) will get the hard water deposits off and safely clean the surface.

Now let’s protect it. (For easier cleaning moving forward)

Marble, Travertine, and Limestone – These stones are porous and need a specialty sealer to protect them from staining while maintaining their natural shine.  Not all sealers are designed to protect porous stones like marble, travertine, and marble effectively.  Porous Pro NanoSealer is formulated for this specific type of natural stone.

Granite Countertops – Preventing oil and food stains is the most essential thing you can do for the ongoing care of granite.  Ultimate Pro Premium NanoSealer repels water AND oil-based stains.  To maintain your granite countertops, you can use Crystal Clean Daily Cleaner and Finishing Touch Spray Polish.

Pro Cleaning Products is a national distributor for the professional-grade StonePro line of products.  Professional stone fabricators, stone cleaning companies, fine hotels, homes, and high-end restaurants have been using StonePro Products for years to maintain the look at feel of their clients’ stone surfaces.

Pro Cleaning Products carries a full line of stone cleaning, maintenance, repair, and sealing products and has certified experts and restoration specialists on staff to answer any questions you may have.

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