Be aware of companies using “bait-n-switch” techniques!

Click HERE to view the ABC Undercover Video on SCAM carpet cleaners.

You’re ready to have your carpeting, tile or upholstery professionally cleaned and want to get the best job for the best price, right?

You may have received a coupon in a Val Pak or a direct mail piece, advertising $9.95 per room! What a great deal, huh? How can they afford to charge such a low price and deliver quality cleaning?

As a reputable locally-owned family-owned company, I can tell you with all certainty, THEY CAN’T! The gas alone, to get to your home would make this a losing proposition for the ‘company’. Add to the price of fuel employee and insurance costs, equipment and cleaning solutions, advertising and vehicle maintenance — a firm charging $9.95 a room would soon go broke.

How/why are they charging this price? The answer is simple—Bait and Switch!

Here is a typical scenario: Once inside your home, you are informed that the advertised price is for ‘basic steam cleaning’–in other words, clear water. Take it from us; you cannot properly clean even a lightly soiled carpet without proper cleaning agents, such as pre-conditioner, emulsifier & various spot cleaners.

Oh, they have these products on their truck, but if they USE them on your carpets, your $9.95 a room price just went up to $35 a room. Then, there’s the high pressure add on sales like “deep scrub” and a charge for moving any furniture. Throw in the ‘nominal travel charge’ and the 2 rooms you thought you would be paying $18 to clean now all of a sudden costs you $150.00, not to mention the lousy job performed by the non-certified technician.

These companies hire right off the street and pay on a commission basis. Commission on what? On anything above the $9.95 room, of course! They’re routinely sued, go out of business, and resurface under a new name.

At Tru Clean Surface Care we pride ourselves on high-quality professional carpet, tile, and upholstery cleaning and have trained & skilled technicians. Our employees are certified by the world’s most respected certification body for textile professionals, the IICRC, and our pricing in most instances is less expensive than the “fly by nighters.”

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Tru Clean Surface Care serves all of Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Lee, Charlotte and Collier County and we offer convenient evening and weekend appointments.

Tru Clean Surface Care’s technicians are experts in pet stain and odor removal, deep extraction carpet cleaning, oriental rug cleaning, upholstery cleaning, grout color sealing, tile and grout cleaning, as well as natural stone surfaces such as travertine, marble, and granite.